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For additional coronavirus questions not covered in these FAQ or that your chain of command cannot answer, please e-mail To ensure the most timely response, please identify yourself (i.e. military member, civilian, Auxiliarist, contractor, family member) in your e-mail inquiry. 

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April 14, 2021

Lifesaving Mission: Base New Orleans, ATC Mobile team up to deliver vaccines throughout the 8th Coast Guard District.

On a cloudless, sun-parched afternoon in late March, Petty Officers 2nd Class Cody Childress and Casey Zachry — both health services technicians assigned to Base New Orleans — touched down in a Coast Guard MH-65 Dolphin helicopter at Sector Corpus Christi, Texas. Awaiting their arrival was a large group of Coast Guard members, eager to receive

March 25, 2021

Mass vaccination sites are helping the U.S. honor Vietnam War veterans

Mass vaccination sites for military veterans are helping with more than just health - they're enabling the country to honor our remaining Vietnam War veterans before they're gone for good.We are losing about 557 Vietnam War veterans every day - over 200,000 now - due to old age, illness, or other factors. The Vietnam War Commemoration (VWC) program

March 9, 2021

Operation Honey Bee: The Coast Guard is flying COVID vaccines

The Eleventh Coast Guard District has been getting creative in distributing vaccines throughout the Pacific Area. Recently, the district saw an opportunity to use reallocated vaccine doses and deliver them to units in need. They called it:“Operation Honey Bee”It’s the unofficial name given by the district’s response division that causes laughs and

Feb. 12, 2021

NEW: Travel, leave policy for Calendar Year 2021

The Coast Guard has announced updated policy regarding travel and leave limitations and procedures due to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.The major revision is that you can seek approval for official travel or leisure travel from the first O-5/GS-14 in their chain of command, or your unit CO/OIC. Previously, approval had to come from

Jan. 29, 2021

New Shipmate Form will help you welcome incoming members

The U.S. Coast Guard has a new tool to help commands get to know newly arrived members.It’s called the “New Shipmate Form” and is intended for all active duty, reserve, civilian and auxiliary members who are transitioning to a new command or position.The form, shown here, asks get-to-know-you type questions about a member’s interests, goals,

Jan. 29, 2021

Good to go: USCG authorizes PCS and HHG shipments for 2021

PCS and household good shipments are authorized until further notice, and the Coast Guard is optimistic that the 2021 PCS season will go smoothly.Key initiatives from last year will remain in place to support members relocating due to permanent change of station (PCS) orders. Meanwhile, a New Shipmate Form will help units make the transition easier

Jan. 27, 2021

Here’s what you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccines are an important tool to help fight the disease and bring an end to the pandemic. In late 2020, two vaccines received Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA determined their safety and efficacy. Clinical trial data submitted to the FDA demonstrated the benefits of each vaccine and showed that their

Dec. 10, 2020

Coast Guard prepares workforce for limited distribution phase of COVID-19 vaccine

The Coast Guard, as part of the joint force and working with the Department of Defense (DoD), is preparing to begin the vaccination process for our active duty and reserve forces, and select civilian employees in critical positions.

Nov. 27, 2020

Coast Guard announces initial COVID-19 vaccine plan

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, we are encouraged by the news that safe, effective vaccines will soon become widely available to enable us to end this national emergency.The U.S. Operation Warp Speed is a national effort to develop and deliver safe vaccines across the U.S., with the goal of the first supply becoming available

Oct. 27, 2020

October 2020 Semi-Annual Body Composition Screening FAQs

The Coast Guard released the Body Composition Screening Update (ACN 128/20) announcing this fall’s weight and body fat screening results will be used for data collection purposes only. We have since received a number of questions that we would like to answer. Please send your questions to the Body Composition email. The complete list of FAQs is