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For additional coronavirus questions not covered in these FAQ or that your chain of command cannot answer, please e-mail To ensure the most timely response, please identify yourself (i.e. military member, civilian, Auxiliarist, contractor, family member) in your e-mail inquiry. 

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Ask the CMO: A discussion on COVID-19


Please find the answers to the following questions about the COVID-19 virus and the vaccine by scrolling to the appropriate minute marker: 

  • Minute 6:08 – What tools do we have to fight COVID-19? 
  • Minute 7:13 – What are coronaviruses? 
  • Minute 8:21 – What are vaccines? Are there different kinds? 
  • Minute 11:12 – How was the COVID-19 Vaccine made so fast? 
  • Minute 15:53 – What is actually in the vaccine? 
  • Minute 25:37 – Which vaccine is best? 
  • Minute 26:45 – What will getting the vaccine feel like? 
  • Minute 30:47 – Should pregnant or lactating women get the vaccine? 
  • Minute 34:08 – How does the vaccine affect people with high blood pressure, diabetes, or other underlying medical conditions? Are they good for us? 
  • Minute 36:42 – When will children be vaccinated? 
  • Minute 39:03 – After being vaccinated, can you still get COVID-19, or spread it? 
  • Minute 40:49 – Where can you get vaccinated? 

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