COVID-19 | Jan. 5, 2021


R 061142Z JAN 21

ALCOAST 004/21
SSIC 6230
1. Paragraph 1.c of REF (A) is superseded and amended as follows:
   a. Information management:
     (1) The Information management line of effort for this
operation is critical to vaccine planning and logistics,
allocation, administration and reporting. The Coast Guard vaccine
distribution operation relies on use of approved information
systems that contain authoritative data and are covered by
Privacy Act regulations and policies. Several information systems
are being used to provide both workforce-level data on
vaccination, as well as granular data on individuals and where
they are in the vaccination process. These systems include
several new systems used in partnership with the Department of
Defense (DoD). 
     (2) Because CGBI will not have the ability to display
COVID-19 vaccination status until end of Feb 2021, the CG is
leveraging the Palantir Integrated Data Environment (IDE) to
allocate doses of vaccine to members and visualize vaccination
information. The Palantir IDE will be used by COMDT, the COVID
Vaccine Incident Command (CVIC), Area/District commanders,
Director of Operational Logistics, Base COs, CG Regional Practice
Managers (RPM), and CG Clinic Administrators (CA) for vaccine
planning, logistics, distribution, allocation, and
administration. RPMs and CAs shall use Palantir to allocate
vaccine doses by DoD/CDC approved prioritization schema with
input from Area LNOs, create lists of personnel eligible for
vaccination and then communicate that information to
CO/XO/OINC/XPO by email to schedule vaccine administration. RPMs
and CAs shall report doses administered and declinations in the
DoD Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS), which will be
automatically reported into the Palantir IDE. The Palantir IDE
also provides a Common Operating Picture with vaccination metrics
that can be exported as status briefs to inform commands and
senior CG leaders.
     (3) The CVIC has the authority to grant access for
appropriate users to the Palantir IDE Vaccine senior leader COP,
which is a tailored decision support tool showing status of
vaccine administration to unit level and participation/
declination rates. The CVIC will grant access in priority order
first to Flag Officers, SES, Area/District CMC, CoS, and other
key senior staff, DOL, and Base COs from 4-15 JAN. CVIC will
expand priority for access starting 15 Jan to O6/O5 level
operational and mission support commanders/commanding officers
and XOs. For access, please submit an email to
with a completed DD2875 and a Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA) training certificate from the Learning
Management System (LMS), course code 100189. Additional
information on the Palantir IDE specific to COVID Vaccination on
CGPortal will be separately provided by email to authorized
     (4) Support. A live watch has been established to aid in the
training and support of personnel as they learn to use the
Palantir IDE. There are two ways to receive technical support on
the Palantir IDE from the CVIC help desk:
1) is a shared mailbox for
non-immediate help requests; and 2) a CVR team room with phone
number (571) 388-3904, code 627728628, which will be staffed by
a watch section from 0700-2300 EST, Monday - Friday. Outside of
those hours, messages can be left in the CVR room at: and they will be answered the
following work day. Members should contact the live watch using
the email or phone number above for training, issues relating to
data accuracy, statistics, access difficulties and other
technical or data-related questions.
     (5) Creation of local or novel information systems,
sharepoint sites (e.g., CCORE), or databases to track and report
CG vaccine administration is not authorized because it creates
multiple, non-authoritative data sources that introduce risk to
the operation and increase the potential for  privacy issues.
RPMs and CAs and authorized personnel are authorized to keep
temporary logs/records only for the purpose of expeditiously
entering data into the Palantir IDE and other approved
information systems.
     (6) Reporting. Units are encouraged to use the Palantir IDE
for local reports and status briefings to ensure continuity
throughout the organization and link reports to the
authoritative data sources. 
2. POC: CDR Edward S. Aponte,
3. VADM Michael F. McAllister, Deputy Commandant for Mission
Support (CG-DCMS), sends. 
4. Internet release is not authorized.