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COVID-19 | May 29, 2020

USCG authorizes PCS/HHG moves through June 30

By Aimee Hart

PCS Sitrep 5 ALCOAST  authorizes Permanent Change of Station (PCS) and household goods (HHG) moves until June 30. If possible, try to move before July 1, when DoD moves are expected to resume and will make it more challenging to secure movers.


What’s new:

  1. Some members have reported problems calling the PCS Assist Team from their Coast Guard desk phone. If you cannot reach the team, please try a different phone or use email.  (Reminder: It’s mandatory to call the PCS Assist Team to schedule your pre-move HHG Safety Brief, so call them once you have your move date scheduled.)
  2. The Coast Guard encourages you to move before July 1, as operations allow. If the DoD’s stop movement order expires at the end of June as anticipated, Coast Guard members should anticipate a dramatic increase in demand for household goods shipments - making it much harder to schedule a pickup.
  3. Moves are currently authorized until June 30, but you can schedule a move in DPS up until September 30.  Plan your departure and request your move date today!
  4. ALCOAST 204/20 announced the temporary change to PPM reimbursement from 95% to 100%. The temporary change expires on 31 December 2020.


What if you have to move after July 1? 

You may try to schedule a traditional HHG move. If you are not able to secure movers or your desired move dates, another option is a Personally Procured Move (PPM), which can be done independent of the traditional shipping process. PPMs offer greater flexibility and options ranging from packing and driving your own HHGs to utilizing box storage and delivery services and more. Because the logistics, labor, and risk are assumed by the member, and in light of the challenges associated with scheduling a traditional HHG move during COVID-19, the government will now pay you 100% of what would have been paid to a commercial carrier. This can result in a net financial incentive to the member if done smartly. Before executing your PPM move, you must complete a counseling session with your local transportation office and receive an authorization form DD-2278. You can find more information, including a PPM checklist, at or by calling the PCS Assist Team.


Thinking a PPM might work for you?  Here are two points to consider: 

  • There are many ways to complete a PPM move.  Some of these include loading and driving a moving truck yourself, arranging box storage and delivery service, sub-contracting with a commercial company, or driving a personally-owned truck, trailer, or even a recreational vehicle (RV).
  • A full weight ticket for PPM is no longer required to be obtained while at the place of origin, per ALCOAST 112/19. Many weigh stations may be closed, so there is now greater flexibility to visit a weigh station en route or at your destination. 



  • Float Plans are still mandatory for all PCSing members this FY20 transfer season.  If your PCS travel demands a change to your Float Plan, be sure to call the PCS Assist Team at (833) 551-0887 or email at
  • Make copies of your Dependent Travel Letter and Float Plan for all vehicles involved in your PCS move.
  • Maintain positive control of your PCS orders, PCS Float Plan, and military ID.
  • Save the PCS Assist Team as a contact in your and your dependents’ cell phones. (Phone: 1-833-551-0887 and email:


Bottom line - Engage early, stay cautious, and be flexible this PCS season!


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