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COVID-19 | May 6, 2020

When should I contact the PCS Assist Team?

By Aimee Hart

Close to 500 Coast Guard members have already moved, and the PCS Assist Teams are ready to help you too. Here’s what you need to know about the new PCS Assist Teams.


Who are the PCS Assist Teams?

There are 72 military members now on board the PCS Assist Teams, which will help members and families as they transfer to new units this season. The primary PCS Assist Team is based at the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL) in Norfolk, VA. This nine-person team provides 24/7 coverage both by phone: 1-833-551-0887 and email: They work hand-in-hand with smaller satellite PCS Assist Teams in the following locations: Base Alameda, Base Boston, Base Cape Cod, Base Charleston, Base Cleveland, Base Elizabeth City, Sector Guam, Base Honolulu, Base Ketchikan, Base Kodiak, Base Los Angeles-Long Beach, Base Miami Beach, Base National Capital Region, Base New Orleans, Training Center (TRACEN) Petaluma, Base Portsmouth, Base San Juan, Base Seattle, and the Coast Guard Academy.

"The satellite PCS Assist Teams are now onboard to help members and their families navigate the unchartered waters of PCS season and successfully make the transition to their new units,” said LCDR Jocelyn Soriano, the PCS Assist Teams Manager at DOL-1.

Since April 22, the PCS Assist Teams have answered 120 phone calls and 135 emails from members and their families. 

Please see the questions below for additional information.


When MUST I contact the PCS Assist Team?

All members with PCS, retirement or separation orders must contact the PCS Assist Teams:

  • After scheduling and receiving confirmation for their move date through
  • To report a move that did not go as planned
  • To report a move that had to be canceled

The team should also be your first “Coast Guard call” if you or your dependents test positive for COVID-19 or receive official instructions to isolate or quarantine while in transit. If you or any of your dependents exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms en route, you should contact the Tricare (MHS) Nurse Advice Line: 1-800-874-2273 (option 1), or your healthcare provider. You should then contact the PCS Assist Team.


What else can the PCS Assist Team help me with?

The PCS Assist Teams will help with the tough logistics or administrative needs you may encounter this season. The teams are also familiar with this year’s unique travel, lodging, entitlements and order amendment processes, and will work with your base or TRACEN to answer your questions.

Here are some times you might ask the PCS Assist Team for help:

  • Example 1: Your hotel can’t keep your reservation because they just had a guest test positive for COVID-19 and are sanitizing the building. 
  • Example 2: You need to learn about your entitlements for isolation allowance.
  • Example 3: You will be delayed in your arrival and but can’t contact your new command because they are underway or deployed.
  • Example 4: You are struggling with house-hunting, and need some local support.
  • Example 5: You aren’t sure about the best childcare options or school districts near your new unit.
  • Example 6: A law enforcement official requests proof that your travel is mission essential, and they want to see something in addition to your PCS orders and Dependent Travel letter.


What can I do now?

  1. Save the PCS Assist Team as a contact in your phone. Your spouse should save this information as well.
    1. PCS Assist Team Toll-Free Hotline:  1-833-551-0887.
    2. PCS Assist Team email:
  2. Review the Countdown to Moving Day infographic
  3. Make copies of your:
    1. Signed orders (to include a Dependent Travel Letter)
    2. Signed PCS Float Plan
  4. Keep close hold of your military ID and follow ALCOAST 139/20 for CAC guidance.
  • Your military ID should be provided to any hotel front desk staff or law enforcement official while you are en route to your permanent duty station as proof that your travel is mission essential.  If military ID is not sufficient, a member or dependent may produce the Dependent Travel Letter attached to their PCS orders.  Should you encounter problems, contact the PCS Assist Team.


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