COVID-19 | Oct. 7, 2021

Family Support FAQs


C7 Q: How can I get information about my spouse’s unit when I am isolated from everyone?
A: Coast Guard Ombudsmen are official volunteers who serve as the link between commands and families. To find your unit Ombudsman go to This link will bring you to the Ombudsman Registry, where you can identify your command/unit and contact your nearest ombudsman.


C8 Q: The stress in our family has gone up. Who can I talk to?
A: Family Advocacy Specialists are available to support you and your family members in a time of stress and when experiencing family conflict, 24/7. If you are concerned about having to isolate in an unsafe home situation, or have concerns about a child’s safety, you can contact your local Family Advocacy Specialist or the Family Advocacy Program Manager, Johanna MacGillivray, LCSW, at (202) 475-5161 or

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