COVID-19 | May 13, 2020

Chaplain FAQs


C5 (formerly L10) Q: Who is my chaplain?

A: You can find your unit chaplain through the USCG Chaplain’s website. You can also locate your nearest Coast Guard chaplain by calling 202-372-4900.


C6 (formerly L11) Q: Where can I find spiritual and religious resources?

A: Chaplains care for all Coast Guard personnel and their families with dignity, respect, and compassion regardless of an individual's faith belief. You can follow the Chaplain of the Coast Guard’s Facebook page for regularly updated resources.  If you require a specific religious accommodation at this time (e.g., dietary restriction while self-isolated or in quarantine), please reach out to your unit chaplain who can coordinate with your command.

SPIRITUAL WELLBEING: DHS provides a good link to resources here:

HOLY DAYS: Social distancing has impacted celebrations of major Christian, Jewish, and Islamic holy days in April 2020. The majority of faith communities are not holding public gatherings and have moved to offering services live-stream. If you need assistance finding specific faith group resources, please reach out to your unit chaplain who can facilitate that connection.

FAITH SPECIFIC RESOURCES: Disclaimer: The U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps do not endorse, promote, or favor any one religion, denomination, or sect within a faith group.


Religion and Spirituality (General)
Patheos – an online destination to engage in the global dialogue about religion and spirituality and to explore and experience the world's beliefs.
Beliefnet – online resource for inspiration and spirituality.


Hindu Center Temple –


The Buddhist Society –


Conservative Judaism – and
Jewish Welfare Board –
Orthodox Judaism – and
Reform Judaism –
Rosh Hashanah Services –


Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Archdiocese for Military Affairs –
Daily Mass from Casa Santa Marta with Pope Francis, Vatican Livestream, 12:30 pm ET –


Christianity (Protestant)
African Methodist Episcopal –
Anglican Church of North America –
Episcopal (Washington National Cathedral) –
National Baptist Convention –
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) –
Southern Baptist Convention –
United Church of Christ –
United Methodist Church –



Jummah Prayer Service at Masjid Muhmmad (The Nation’s Mosque in DC)


Other Faith Traditions
Baha’i –
Unitarian Universalist –
Unity –

Other Resources for Spiritual and Emotional Resilience