COVID-19 | June 19, 2020

Military Leave FAQs


B11 (formerly D1) Q: What kind of leave is available for medical care of self/dependents? *Updated 06/19/2020*

A: Military Personnel on active duty: If you are sick, sick leave or SIQ may be appropriate under the direction of medical health care professional and approved by the member’s command. All other cases would require members to request annual leave through normal unit procedures. Additionally, when supervisors observe military members exhibiting medical symptoms, the command can order members to seek medical attention. You may also telework from home under a voluntary telework agreement.


B12 (formerly K10) Q: Are CG members allowed to take leave during the COVID-19 pandemic? *Updated 06/19/2020*

A: Yes, leave is authorized during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Local leave travel areas are defined by the CO/OINC or first O-6/GS-15 in the chain-of-command and should be informed by and generally aligned with state and local jurisdictional posture. Travel outside of these locally defined zones while on leave or liberty must be discussed with and approved by the CO/OINC or first O-6/GS-15 in the chain-of-command. When considering requests to travel beyond the local area, Commands should weigh all risk factors including state and local government posture at the destination, mode of transportation, planned activities, lodging, and precautions taken by the requesting traveler. Members are reminded to follow CDC guidelines for safe interactions in public whenever on leave or liberty. See ALCOAST 211/20 Travel and Leave Policy – Update 2.