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Frequently Asked Questions

USCG Specific Frequently Asked Questions

For additional coronavirus questions not covered in these FAQ or that your chain of command cannot answer, please e-mail To ensure the most timely response, please identify yourself (i.e. military member, civilian, Auxiliarist, contractor, family member) in your e-mail inquiry. 

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COVID-19 | March 11, 2022


Q: I got an alert from CGPAAS, and I’m confused about what to do next.
A: The CGPAAS COVID-19 Reporting Tool User Guide is available at CGPAAS. If you still need help, email the CGPAAS Help Desk at If you are unable to update your status, your unit CGPAAS Commanding Officer Representative (COR) can update your status on your behalf. If you do not know who your COR is, contact your supervisor. 


Q: When accessing CGPAAS, my device warns me that the connection is not private and that CGPAAS may be trying to steal my information
A: CGPAAS is hosted on a secure Navy server that uses DOD security certificates that are often not recognized by commercial/personal devices. Bypass the security notice by clicking “Show Details” and then click “visit this website.” Then choose “Click here to access the non-mobile version” at the bottom of the CGPAAS login screen.


Q: How do I know which CGPAAS status best describes me?
A: Current Personnel Status definitions are available in the CGPAAS COVID-19 module, by selecting the help button or link for personnel status definitions. 

Unaffected: Member is not quarantined, isolated, hospitalized, or released. If member was previously quarantined while awaiting diagnosis and a health care professional determines the member does not have COVID-19, member returns to unaffected status. 
Quarantined: Member was in  close contact (>15 minutes) to a COVID-19 case WITHOUT PPE, or member displays COVID-19 symptoms and member has been separated from the general population while awaiting diagnosis or test results. 
Isolated: Member either 1) Tested positive for COVID-19  or 2) Was diagnosed with COVID-19 by a healthcare professional. Must include one of the following notes, "1. Positive test" or "2. Clinically diagnosed". 
Hospitalized: Member has been admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19. Must include one of the following notes, "1. Positive COVID-19 test" or "2. Clinically diagnosed". 
Released: Prior isolated or hospitalized member, who has recovered and been released by a healthcare professional. This status does NOT apply to individuals who are released from Quarantine. Must include one of the following notes, "1. Positive COVID-19 test" or "2. Clinically diagnosed". 
Deceased: A person who is either known to have died, determined to have died on the basis of conclusive evidence, or declared to be dead on the basis of a presumptive finding of death, due to COVID-19. This option only used by HQ staff or casualty affairs staff. 

For work status definitions: 
Working On-site: Member spends a majority (more than 50%) of required work time on-site at their normal work location (including duty watchstanders, pre-COVID telework), not using situational telework or weather & safety leave. 
Working Off-site: Member spends a majority (more than 50%) of work time away from their normal work location, using situational telework. 
Not Working: Member is unable to work at normal work site and unable to telework. 


Q: Why do I see an option in CGPAAS to select “Deceased” as my personnel status?
A: Although this option is visible in the dropdown menu, it can only be selected by CGHQ and casualty affairs staff with specific CGPAAS permissions. 


Q: My contact information in CGPAAS is wrong. How can I correct it?
A: For help, use the following the guide on the CG Portal.  Update your contact information in Direct Access, Active Directory, National Finance Center and DEERS to prevent them from overwriting your corrected CGPAAS data.


Q: I am concerned about inputting personal information into CGPAAS. Does reporting my status create a medical record protected by HIPAA?
A: No, your status does not constitute HIPAA-protected information. Depending on your response, it may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All CGPAAS CORs are trained in the proper collection, maintenance, protection, storage, and destruction of PII contained within the CGPAAS system. All DoD services and agencies are utilizing similar reporting requirements and status definitions in their respective PAAS systems.