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COVID-19 | April 24, 2020

PCS Assist Team is now in place

The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Assist Team is now in place and PCS moves are now authorized through May 22, according to ALCOAST 147/20.

“A commander down in Miami was our first call, asking about moves to and from San Juan,” said PCS team lead Chief Warrant Officer Jeremy Bloom, who says the new hotline is already buzzing with questions. “We talked about what was authorized, and he’s moving forward with cutting orders. The PCS Assist Team is above and beyond what we normally do, but the Coast Guard does our due diligence to make sure our members are supported, and we are putting a lot of manpower into this.”

You can reach the PCS Assist Team by phone (833-551-0887) or email ( Starting April 27, the team will be available 24/7. Bases and TRACENs will host local satellite teams, which will stand up by May 1. The PCS Assist Team can give you information about entitlements, order amendments, lodging options, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, local health requirements and restrictions, and other issues that may arise during your transit.

Also released was an AY20 Moving Guide and a new and improved PCS Float Plan. If you haven’t completed your Float Plan yet, please use PCS Float Plan v.2, which was revised based on feedback from the field. (Note: A Float Plan is not required for retirees, those separating, or those on no-cost orders.)

Here are the other key updates covered in PCS SITREP 3:

  • TRANSCOM movers must now wear PPE; please review all TRANSCOM Customer Guidance.
  • PCS Departing Worksheets and the resulting PCS Orders should be completed as soon as possible. The PCS Float Plan should be finalized approximately 10 days from movement, with a final check done immediately before departure. 
  • Even if you plan to PCS after May 22, you must immediately obtained signed PCS orders and build your move in the Defense Personal Property System (DPS) website. You can always update your move dates. The data helps the CG assess future risk, and identify the most in-demand PCS time-periods. 
  • If you have dependents, you must get an official Coast Guard business letter indicating the dependents listed on your orders are authorized to travel as directed. You can get this business letter from your Personnel and Administration Office. This will help alleviate issues as you travel through areas where quarantine or shelter-in-place orders are in effect. 
  • If your dependents travel separately from you, they must also travel with the same documents (official orders, business letter, and PCS Float Plan) and engage with your departing and receiving command representative.
  • Members are not authorized leave en route. Members may take leave with local travel at either the new or previous PDS. The CO/OIC or the first O6 in the chain of command may authorize leave en route in extenuating circumstances.
  • The CG will not PCS personnel to or from foreign countries through June 30. However, PCS travel to, from, or through Canada remains authorized; members traveling to or from D17 should refer to ALCOAST 147/20 for additional requirements.

So far, PCS moves are going smoothly. 382 shipments have been picked up, 4 shipments were cancelled due to local restrictions in Puerto Rico and Alaska, and 60 members opted to delay their moves for later this year.


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