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USCG Specific Frequently Asked Questions

For additional coronavirus questions not covered in these FAQ or that your chain of command cannot answer, please e-mail To ensure the most timely response, please identify yourself (i.e. military member, civilian, Auxiliarist, contractor, family member) in your e-mail inquiry. 

COVID-19 | April 17, 2020


R 171651 APR 20
UNCLAS //N05300//
ALCOAST 141/20
A. Personnel Accountability System (PAS) Policy, COMDTINST 3006.4 (series)
1. Purpose: This ALCOAST provides requirements for reporting personnel status during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Background: In order to maintain a Ready, Relevant, and Responsive workforce, it is necessary to broadly understand personnel status during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Accurate and timely tracking of personnel status, to include both work and personal status, will aid strategic-level decision making, resource allocation, and mission
advocacy. Coast Guard (CG) personnel will utilize CG Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (CGPAAS) to accurately report personnel status in this dynamic time.

3. CGPAAS has been modified to include a module and categories specific to COVID-19. An alert will be issued via the Alert and Warning System (AWS) on Monday, 20 April directing all CG personnel to report their status.  The alert will provide instructions for reporting status in CGPAAS, which is accessible on most internet capable devices. Personnel can report their status through the CGPAAS website without being connected to the CG network and without their CAC card. Personnel are encouraged to add the following telephone and short message service (SMS) numbers to their contacts list in order to easily identify calls and SMS messages from AWS. Telephone: (650) 685-3000, (703) 857-7155, (833) 391-5700, (833) 405-4260 and (972) 454-1990. SMS: 24639, 28462, 54292 and 73101.

4. Reporting: CG active duty personnel and reserve personnel on active duty orders shall report both personal and work statuses. CG civilian personnel shall report work status and are encouraged but not required to report personal status. Reserve personnel in a drilling status are encouraged to report personal status. Dependent status reporting is not required. Once the initial report is made in response to the AWS alert, changes in a required reporting status must be updated in CGPAAS by the member or unit CGPAAS Commanding Officer Representative (COR). In addition, CORs will perform a weekly audit to verify all members are in compliance with reporting requirements.

5. Definitions: Personal status and work status within CGPAAS are designed to capture information that tracks COVID-19 impacts to personnel and identifies the location of the displaced workforce. Personal Status Definitions:
    a. Unaffected: Member has not been diagnosed with COVID-19 and has not been knowingly exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with it. If member was previously isolated while awaiting testing and a health care provider determines the member does not have COVID-19, member should return to unaffected status. 
    b. Quarantined: Member has been exposed to COVID-19, but is not ill and has been separated from the general population.
    c. Isolated: Member has been 1) diagnosed with COVID-19 or presumed COVID-19 positive awaiting test results and 2) separated from others who have not been exposed.
    d. Hospitalized: Member has been admitted to the hospital due to COVID-19.
    e. Released: Affected member, diagnosed with COVID-19 by medical, who has recovered and been released from isolation. Work Status Definitions:
    f. Unknown: Work status is unknown or has not been updated.
    g. Working On-Site: Working at regular work site.
    h. Working Off-Site: Working, but not at regular work site, requires a note entry (e.g. teleworking from home, teleworking and staying with extended family in Pauls Valley, OK).
    i. Not Working: Self-explanatory, requires a note entry (e.g. at home providing childcare, isolated under medical treatment, in hospital, unable to telework, etc.).

6. REF (A) requires that all active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel provide and keep current personal contact information for the PAS. All unit commanders, deputy/assistant commandants, and chiefs of headquarters staff elements shall require both military and civilian personnel within their command to maintain current and accurate personal contact information in the authoritative data sources of the PAS, being Direct Access (DA), Active Directory (AD), National Finance Center (NFC), and the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). Maintaining current contact information is vital to operational readiness. A guide to update contact information in the authoritative data sources is located on the CGPortal at:

7. The PAS currently does not yet require accountability for non-appropriated funds (NAF), contractors (CTR), or Auxiliarist (AUX) personnel. If these personnel would like to receive alerts or notifications through the Alert and Warning System (AWS), they may voluntarily request an AWS end user account via CGFixIt. A guide to request an AWS end user account is located on the CGPortal at: After the request has been processed by CGFixIt, a link will be provided to logon to AWS Self-Service to enter personal contact information into AWS. A guide to AWS Self-Service is located on the CGPortal at:

8. Commands are responsible to have CORs assigned and should prepare to assign additional CORs should they not have a sufficient number assigned. CORs have appropriate unit CGPAAS permissions and are responsible to ensure statuses of their members are updated accurately.
9. Commands are encouraged to ensure wide dissemination of this ALCOAST. 
10. RADM P. F. Thomas, Deputy for Personnel Readiness, sends.
11. Internet release is authorized.