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Frequently Asked Questions

USCG Specific Frequently Asked Questions

For additional coronavirus questions not covered in these FAQ or that your chain of command cannot answer, please e-mail To ensure the most timely response, please identify yourself (i.e. military member, civilian, Auxiliarist, contractor, family member) in your e-mail inquiry. 

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COVID-19 | March 26, 2020

Wellness Support Resources


Coast Guard’s Employee Assistance Program – called CG SUPRT – offers non-medical counseling to help with anxiety, stress, grief, marriage and parenting concerns. Also available: health coaching, financial coaching, legal guidance and more. The services are free for active duty members, reservists, full-time civil service employees, and their dependents. Call 1-1-855-CGSUPRT (247-8778) or visit their site.

Coast Guard Personal Financial Management Program  
The Coast Guard offers Personal Financial Managers as well as Command Financial Specialists at most Coast Guard locations. These, and other financial resources, are available on the Office of Work-Life’s financial management page.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
CGMA is known as the official relief society of the Coast Guard. More than 500 representatives through the country are available at shore units and cutters to provide counseling on short-term interest-free loans, grants, referrals and other means to clients during times of financial need. In addition to financial support, CGMA also offers free online tutoring and homework help — tutoring is one-on-one, provided by professional educators, and available 24/7.

Military Child Education Coalition
Need additional educational resources for your child? This site offers virtual learning opportunities for military-connected students, parents and professionals.

Ombudsman Family Programs
This site has aggregated resources most useful to Coast Guard families, including family programs, national hotlines, disaster preparedness resources, health care and unemployment assistance.

Coast Guard Spouses Clubs
Spouses’ clubs provide a support system, offer community service, and share educational information. The National Council of Coast Guard Spouses’ Clubs assists new clubs, provides resources and advice, and maintains a directory of existing USCG Spouses Clubs.

Disaster Distress Helpline
This helpline is for those experiencing an emotional, natural or human-caused disaster and is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Spanish speakers are also available. Visit the Web page or call 1-800-985-5990.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Don’t hesitate to call this local center for emotional distress—it’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
This site details counseling services for mental health and substance abuse and provides treatment locator resources.

Safe Helpline
The DoD provides anonymous and confidential support for people who have survived sexual assault and need help dealing with its impact. Please call 877-995-5247; live chat is available from the Web site.

National Sexual Assault Hotline
Confidential and trained support personnel will help you find a health facility that offers forensic exams and can assist you in the next steps toward your recovery. The hotline is 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center
This center works with abused Americans and their children who are living in foreign countries. The crisis center provides advocacy, tools and resources.

Substance Abuse Prevention Program
This program is available to active and reserve service members and is a resource for those needing to overcome a chemical or substance abuse dependency.

USCG Chaplain
The Chaplain of the Coast Guard provides religious worship services, education, weddings, funerals and other religious activities. The Chaplain program has been regularly updating its Facebook page with wonderful videos to support us through this time.

Coast Guard Legal Assistance
Coast Guard legal assistance attorneys provide advice and counsel regarding personal legal issues to service members, dependents and retirees at no cost. Site includes some resources and a finda-a-lawyer locator .

Coast Guard Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
The Coast Guard’s Family Advocacy Program provides confidential services and resources related to advocacy and safety planning, domestic violence assessment and rehabilitation, clinical assessments and treatment planning. In addition, FAP can provide referrals to programs such as financial assistance for victims, anger management, domestic violence treatment programs, parenting classes, couple’s communication, and substance abuse programs. FAP will provide ongoing case management and risk monitoring by the family advocacy specialist until the situation is resolved. These services and resources can be accessed by contacting the family advocacy specialist at the servicing Work-Life Field Office . To learn more about eligibility, confidentiality, and reporting options, please visit the Family Advocacy Program website .

Navy Fleet and Family Support Centers
Here is an overview of Navy work and family life programs, ranging from financial assistance and transition services to counseling, advocacy and new parent support. These programs are available to Coast Guard members.

Coast Guard Work Life Family Programs
The USCG provides many work-life family resources for members and their families.

Coast Guard Family Resources
This one-pager provides a summary of Coast Guard employee assistance programs, social media sites with helpful links, messages and offices relevant to workforce and family-related news and information.