U.S. Coast Guard Trademark and Licensing Program

The CG Trademark and Licensing Program is not currently accepting any new applications for licensure. 


Trademarks and Emblems

The use of various Coast Guard Insignia is governed by specific criteria, as defined by U.S. Coast Guard Heraldry. The U.S. Coast Guard's Mark, emblem, and name are protected by federal law 14 USC 639

You must seek approval to use our emblems and trademarks by submitting an application.

Coast Guard emblem image.COAST GUARD EMBLEM 
The Coast Guard emblem is available for commercial use with a license agreement.  For purposes of rendering the Coast Guard emblem in color, Coast Guard red is defined as PMS 179 C, and Coast Guard blue is PMS 307 C. When printed in black ink only, all red and blue sections shall be printed in black.

 Coast Guard mark image.COAST GUARD MARK 
The Coast Guard mark is available for commercial use with a license agreement.  The Coast Guard mark consists of the Coast Guard emblem and a tri-colored band of Coast Guard blue (PMS 307 C), then white, then Coast Guard red (PMS 179 C).

Coast Guard seal image.COAST GUARD SEAL
The Coast Guard seal is a pair of crossed anchors superimposed by a life ring with shield and surrounded by a line grommet. The Seal is for official use only and shall not be reproduced outside of the United States Coast Guard.

Coast Guard ensign imageCOAST GUARD ENSIGN
The Coast Guard ensign is a symbol of the United States Coast Guard law enforcement authority and is, by law under 14 USC 638, restricted to official use only.

Coast Guard standard image.COAST GUARD STANDARD
The Coast Guard standard is used during parades and ceremonies and is adorned by Coast Guard 34 battle streamers. Service-related organizations may use the standard on temporary loan with approval from Commandant (CG-09232).