U.S. Coast Guard Trademark and Licensing Program

The CG Trademark and Licensing Program is not currently accepting any new applications for licensure. 


Applying for a Commercial Use License

Coast Guard license requests are reviewed based on a rigorous set of standards that enable the trademark program to evaluate the quality of the proposed licensed products. We verify the manner in which the trademarks will be used; the marketability of the products; the company’s history of compliance with business and licensing standards; and the company’s standing in the business community. Coast Guard trademarks may not be licensed for use in a manner that would reflect negatively on the service; degrade the name, reputation, or public goodwill of the Coast Guard.

Coast Guard trademarks may not be licensed for use in a manner that creates a perception of endorsement of any non federal entity or its products and services, or for any purpose intended to promote ideological movements, sociopolitical change, religious beliefs (including non-belief), specific interpretations of morality or legislative/statutory change. 

Following the receipt of the company’s application we will determine if it qualifies for a standard trademark license and will notify the company in writing.

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In addition to meeting the criteria referenced above, a company must fulfill the following requirements in order to obtain a standard trademark license with the Coast Guard:

    1.  Submit artwork for review and approval by the trademark program prior to production to ensure the Coast Guard trademarks are appropriately and accurately represented.

      2.  Produce quality products in accordance with Coast Guard licensing standards. 
      ***Prohibited items include: alcohol and tobacco items, drug paraphernalia, adult entertainment, weapons, and products related to gambling or lotteries.***

        3.  Submit product samples for quality assurance and trademark use reviews.

          4.  Maintain commercial general liability insurance.


          How to Submit

          A request must be submitted in writing to the trademark program’s e-mail address,, and should include the reason the company is interested in obtaining a license, as well as a list of the products produced. Request must contain the following information:

          a.  A statement of intention explaining the company’s interest in obtaining a trademark license from the U.S. Coast Guard;    

          b.  A summary of the company’s background that includes its mission statement, business goals, and history;

          c.  A list of the proposed products to be licensed and information about those products including a product catalog, if one is available;    

          d.  A detailed business plan outlining the company’s proposed strategy for the production, distribution, and sale of Coast Guard insignia products.


          Required Documentation

          In addition, the request must be accompanied with the following documentation and items:

            a.  Written confirmation that the company carries Commercial General Liability Insurance and that were the company to be licensed by the Coast Guard it would be able to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance documenting coverage including but not limited to products, completed operations, and contractual insurance, in amounts not less than one million ($1,000,000) per occurrence;

              b.  A sample of each product upon which the company plans to affix the Coast Guard Trademarks.