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SCPO Donald Welch

Command Enlisted Advisor
US Coast Guard Yard

FSCS Welsch

   My name is Donald Welch, and I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been in the Armed Services for 23 years. I am the second oldest of six. On my off time, I enjoy photography and graphic arts. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and in Management. I am also prior service (U.S. Navy) in which I have served eight years in. I have 15 years in the Coast Guard. Before reporting to CG Yard, prior units consist of (starting from most recent):

-       USCGC GALLATIN (WHEC-721) / Charleston, SC

-       CG Tracen Petaluma / Petaluma, CA

-       USCGC DECISIVE (WMEC-629) / Pascagoula, MS

-       CG Station Tybee / Tybee Island, GA

-       USCGC TAMPA (WMEC-902) / Portsmouth, VA

   Prior to these units, I was at various U.S. Navy units.

Last Modified 5/17/2016