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Be Informed -- Hazard and Other Fact Sheets and Activities

Many incidents can trigger emergency situations that escalate into disasters, some with little to no advance notice. Hazards, such as power outages, natural disasters, or disease outbreaks, can happen anywhere, at any time. You should be familiar with the types of hazards that could occur within your community and understand what preparations should be made to handle their specific effects. Knowing what to do can make a difference when seconds count.

The links below provide detailed information to help you and your family be informed and stay informed before, during, and after a range of emergency incidents.

Natural Hazards

Dam Failure Power Outage
Drought Tornado
Earthquake Tsunami
Flood Volcano
Heat Wave Wildfire
Hurricane Winter Storm


Avian Flu Pandemic Flu
Mad Cow Disease SARS
Mumps West Nile Virus

Man-Made Hazards

Chemical Emergencies
Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies


Biological Nuclear Blast
Chemical Radiological Dispersion 
Explosive Devices

Kits and Plans

Emergency Kits
Financial and Insurance Records
Making a Family Emergency Plan
Pets in Emergencies
People with Special Needs
Preparing Kids for Emergencies
Protecting Property

Kid's Activity Sheet

Printable Activity Sheet
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Last Modified 3/23/2016