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The Coast Guard Ombudsman Registry is an online data base that captures all CG command information and ombudsman contact information, that allows the Ombudsman Program Manager (OPM) to track ombudsmen workload and activity. The registry:

Registration Process
Ombudsmen cannot register themselves and must be registered by the commanding officer or designee. Ombudsmen can also be registered by the HSWL RP ombudsman coordinator. To register the command ombudsman, the commanding officer or the designee must first register him/herself by going to and clicking on “Command Registration.”

To register you will use your email address as your username, and you will need to select a password. Once you have completed the initial registration form, your account request will be forwarded to the ombudsman registry administrator for approval. Accounts are normally approved within 24 hours. You will receive notification by email when your account has been approved. Once approved, you can return to the registry, assign yourself to your command(s) and register your ombudsman.

View the Ombudsman Registry Guide for more detailed information and instructions on the registration process for Commands.

Monthly Worksheets

Ombudsmen will enter their monthly worksheets directly into this secure system and commands will have the ability to generate reports for their commands. Additionally, reports can be generated at the District and Area levels, thereby enabling Commandant (CG-111) to see trend analysis on issues/concerns of CG families and develop training or information fact sheets. Even if there was no activity for the month, a report should be submitted.

The Ombudsman Registry must be updated whenever there is an ombudsman turnover or new appointment.

Ombudsmen should view the Ombudsman Registry User Guide for Ombudsmen.

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Last Modified 3/23/2016