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Ombudsman Appreciation DayOmbudsman logo

Ombudsman Appreciation Day is 26 March. Commands are authorized to celebrate the event at any time during the month of March or as soon as possible thereafter to publically recognize the dedicated service of these volunteers.

Every ombudsman is unique and will respond to different types of recognition and appreciation. Try to personalize recognition, if possible. Remember that informal recognition is as important as formal recognition.

The commanding officer may use Non-Appropriated Funds, if available, for individual ombudsman appreciation dinners, ombudsman plaques and awards. Cash awards are not authorized.

Appreciation may be expressed in the form of a letter of recognition, a certificate of performance, special mention in a unit newsletter, a Swivel Shot submission or other appropriate acknowledgement.

Appropriate tokens of appreciation include:

The Health, Safety and Work-Life Regional Practice (HSWL RP) ombudsman coordinator can assist commands by informing them about the effective use and recognition of ombudsmen.

To contact the Work-Life Staff closest to you, call 1-800-872-4957 followed by the extension listed next to the following ISC locations:
Alameda (252) Ketchikan (317) Portsmouth (305)
Boston (301) Kodiak (563) San Pedro (311)
Cleveland (309) Miami (307) Seattle (313)
Honolulu (314) New Orleans (308) St. Louis (302)
Washington, DC (932)
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