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Health, Safety & Work-Life Directorate

Office of Work-Life -
HSWL Ombudsman Coordinator Contact List

Location Name Phone Email
Ombudsman Program Manager Christine Degraw 202-475-5142
HSWL RP** Cape May Kathy Grant 609-898-6885
HSWL RP Washington
(Outlying HQ Units)
Rhonda Creecy 202-372-4088
HSWL RP Washington
(St. Elizabeths Campus Directorates)
Sharon Wingate 202-372-4083
HSWL RP Boston James Freeman 617-223-3479
HSWL RP Boston Maura Redy 718-354-4404
HSWL RP Portsmouth Jeanett Torrens 252-334-5168
HSWL RP Miami Wayne Bacon 305-278-6673
HSWL RP New Orleans vacant    
HSWL RP Cleveland William Schmidt 216-902-6355
HSWL RP St. Louis Richard Curtis 314-269-2318
HSWL RP San Pedro/San Diego vacant    
HSWL RP San Pedro/San Diego Jen Conole 619-278-7117
HSWL RP Alameda Lena Gavello 510-769-0831
HSWL RP Seattle David Sweeney 206-217-6615
HSWL RP Juneau Betsy Longenbaugh 907-463-2125
HSWL RP Kodiak Vanessa Bryant 907-487-5525 x274
HSWL RP Honolulu Tamera Streeter 808-842-2089
Area Regional Ombudsman Coordinators
LANTAREA ROC* Lori Carrington 757-398-6570
PACAREA ROC vacant    
* ROC = Regional Ombudsman Coordinator
** RP = Regional Practice
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Last Modified 6/24/2015