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Women's Service Dress Blue Coat

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Women's Service Dress Blue Coat with officer insignia The women's Service Dress Blue Coat is a single-breasted coat, semi-fitted, square bottomed front with a notched collar/lapel, side body panels, and two-piece back covering the buttock area. It has two top pocket flaps, one on each front panel for alignment of ribbons and nametag and two set-in lower pockets with flaps. Each flap has a 22-ligne CG gold button. The coat fronts close with three 28-linge Coast Guard gold buttons (included). When wearing the Service Dress Coat, Service Dress Trousers or Skirt of matching material and closely matching color must be worn. Officers' coats will have a sword slit over the left hip. Dress Coats with this sword slit are not available from the UDC.

NOTE: For additional fitting guidelines and uniform alteration information, please consult chapter six of the Coast Guard Uniform Regulations.

Women's Service Dress Blue Coat with enlisted insignia

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Dress Coat Accessories*
Item Stock Number
Dress Coat Button Female FCB28LINGE
Dress Coat Pocket Button DCPB22L
Gold Shield Insignia (sew-on) GSI
*Sold separately, coats will require accessories items and additional tailoring for proper fit.
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Dress Coat Female
Order using the UDC Stock Numbers
shown below.
Under 5'3" 5'4" to 5'7" 5'7" to 5'10"
Size *Bust *Hip


Short Regular Long
        Stock Numbers
4 32 35 Misses DCFM4S DCFM4R DCFM4L
6 33 34 Junior DCFJ6S DCFJ6R DCFJ6L
8 34 35 Junior No Stock DCFJ8R DCFJ8L
10 36 36 Junior DCFJ10S DCFJ10R DCFJ10L
38 Misses DCFM10S DCFM10R DCFM10L
40 Women's DCFW10S DCFW10R DCFW10L
12 37 38 Junior DCFJ12S DCFJ12R DCFJ12L
40 Misses DCFM12S DCFM12R DCFM12L
42 Women's DCFW12S DCFW12R DCFW12L
14 39 40 Junior DCFJ14S DCFJ14R DCFJ14L
42 Misses DCFM14S DCFM14R DCFM14L
44 Women's DCFW14S DCFW14R DCFW14L
16 41 42 Junior DCFJ16S DCFJ16R DCFJ16L
44 Misses DCFM16S DCFM16R DCFM16L
46 Women's DCFW16S DCFW16R DCFW16L
18 43 44 Junior DCFJ18S DCFJ18R No Stock
46 Misses DCFM18S DCFM18R DCFM18L
48 Women's DCFW18S DCFW18R DCFW18L
20 45 48 Misses No Stock DCFM20R DCFM20L
50 Women's DCFW20S DCFW20R DCFW20L
22 47 52 Women's No Stock DCFW22R DCFW22L
24 49 54 No Stock DCFW24R DCFW24L
26 51 56 No Stock DCFW26R DCFW26L
28 53 58 No Stock DCFW28R DCFW28L
30 55 60 No Stock DCFW30R DCFW30L
*Measurements are in "up-to" sizes. In other words, any fractional measurement
is converted to the next highest whole number.
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