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USCG Uniform Distribution Center, Woodbine, NJ

UDC Customer Service Survey

1. How did you place your uniform order?

  • Fax
  • Online
  • Call-in (800 toll-free line)
  • Mail Service

1.a..Depending on the order method you selected above, did you experience difficulties placing your order using these methods?

2.  If your order method was call-in, how satisfied were you with the Customer Service Representative regarding the choices shown below?

Satisfied Neither
Dissatisfied Very
Item Knowledge
Wait time for Customer Service Rep connection

3.  From date of order, how many business days did it take for you to receive your order?
     (Please anticipate minimum of 3 business days for processing).

  • 3-4 Days
  • 5-6 Days
  • 7-8 Days
  • 9-10 Days
  • Over 10 business days

4.  Was the order you received accurate?

  • Yes
  • No (please explain in question 4.a below)

4.a..If you checked "No" above, please explain here.

5.  Please provide below any suggestions and your contact information so the UDC and corresponding HQ Uniform Program may assist you better.


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Last Modified 10/21/2014