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ODU Maternity Coat & Trousers

The ODU Maternity Coat & Trousers have been redesigned to offer greater comfort and flexibility in the belly panel (trousers) and sleeves (coat). The new tops and bottoms are currently being produced and follow a new sizing convention. Please refer to this chart to assist in determining your size. The website will be updated to reflect new sizing once the items arrive. ODU Maternity Size Conversion Chart.

Coast Guard Physical Fitness Shoe

The Coast Guard Physical Fitness shoe (New Balance) is available for purchase by contacting the UDC at 800-874-6841 (toll-free) or commercial: 609-861-1221 using product code RSM (running shoe male) or RSF (running shoe female) plus size. Current cost is $77.77. The product info and photo will be uploaded to the web page and i-Store shortly.

Tall Male Long & Short Sleeve Light Blue Shirts

The tail of the shirt is 3" longer to accommodate our taller service members.  The shirt can be obtained by contacting our Customer Service Reps or via the i-Store using product code TLS (Long Sleeve, size 15 1/2 x 31 through 18 x 38) and TSS (Short Sleeve, size 15 1/2 through 18).

Wickable Embroidered Blue US Coast Guard T-Shirts

The Wickable T-Shirt is now available for general sale. The Shirt is embroidered with "US COAST GUARD" and is reserved for Active Duty & Reserve Personnel Only. The shirt cost is $6.00 each and is sold in packs of 4.

New full length Bridge Coat

The Uniform Distribution Center does not stock the new full length Bridge Coat. The coat can be obtained by contacting Accent Uniforms Inc (610) 874-4871 accentuniforminc@aol.com or the Academy Clothing Store (860) 444-8314. Estimated cost is $322.00.

Dress White and Dinner Dress Uniforms

The following uniforms and accessories are sold by the Navy Exchange or by calling
1-800-NAV-EXCH (1-800-628-3924).  Insignia may also be available at Vanguard Industries.

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