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Garrison Cap
Coast Guard Garrison CapThe Garrison Cap is a fore and aft style unisex cap made of Coast Guard Blue serge fabric. This is a unisex cap, worn by all CG ranks with the Tropical Blue and Winter Dress Blue uniforms and with Flight Suits.

UDC does not sell the Auxiliary insignia for this cap.
Approximate Head Circumference Cap Size Stock Code
20 ½" 6 ½ GCM61/2
20 ⅞" 6 ⅝ GCM65/8
21 ¼" 6 ¾ GCM63/4
21 ⅝" 6 ⅞ GCM67/8
22" 7 GCM7
22 ⅜" 7 ⅛ GCM71/8
22 ¾" 7 ¼ GCM71/4
23 ⅛" 7 ⅜ GCM73/8
23 ½" 7 ½ GCM71/2
23 ⅞" 7 ⅝ GCM75/8
24 ¼" 7 ¾ GCM73/4
24 ⅝" 7 ⅞ GCM77/8

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Insignia Devices (Garrison, Ball Cap, Cold Weather Cap)
The appropriate Garrison Insignia is worn on the wearer’s left. For E-4 through E-6, the garrison insignia shall consist of the metal collar grade-rank insignia. Officers will add their metal collar-grade rank insignia on the wearer’s right.
UDC does not sell the Auxiliary insignia for these caps.
Item Description Photo Stock Code
E-3 & below E-3 and below Garrison Insignia GI
E-7 CPO (E-7) Garrison Insignia GIE7
E-8 SCPO (E-8) Garrison Insignia GIE8
E-9 MCPO (E-9) Garrison Insignia GIE9
Officer Officer Garrison Insignia GIO

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Ball Cap (USCG)

Coast Guard Ball CapThis cap is made of dark blue material with rear adjusting straps. The cap has U.S. COAST GUARD permanently affixed in an arch across the front in 1/2-inch yellow block type. This is a unisex cap, worn by all CG ranks with the ODU uniform. Auxiliary personnel are NOT authorized to wear this cap while wearing the uniform.
Link to order unit ball caps from the CGX
Unit Ball Caps are only authorized to be worn in the member's AOR if approved by the senior CG element for collocated units of by the CO/OIC for non-collocated units. They are not authorized for use while on TDY.
Approximate Head Circumference Cap Size Size Stock Code
20" to 21 ¼" 6 ⅜ to 6 ¾ Small BCS
21 " to 22 " 6 ⅞ to 7 ⅛ Medium BCM
22 ¾" to 23 ½" 7 ¼ to 7 ½ Large BCL
23 " to 25" 7 ⅝ to 8 X-Large BCXL

Ball Cap (PHS)

Public Health Ball CapThis ball cap is made of Dark Navy Blue Wool/Twill and comes in universal sizing. The Product Codes are based on rank as follows:

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PHS 8-Point Cap

8-Point Cap This 8-Point cap is only authorized for PHS personnel.
Approximate Head Circumference Cap Size Stock Code
22 ⅜" 7 ⅛ BCPHS8PTHAT71/8
22 ¾" 7 ¼ BCPHS8PTHAT71/4
23 ⅛" 7 ⅜ BCPHS8PTHAT73/8
23 ½" 7 ½ BCPHS8PTHAT71/2
23 ⅞" 7 ⅝ BCPHS8PTHAT75/8
24 ¼" 7 ¾ BCPHS8PTHAT73/4
24 ⅝" 7 ⅞ BCPHS8PTHAT77/8

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Watch Cap

Watch CapThe knit watch cap is the approved Navy bell shaped, rib knit pullover style design or commercial equivalent of knitted navy blue yarn. It is authorized for wear with coveralls and the ODU uniform under operational working conditions only. This cap is rolled enough times to rest just above the ears. In inclement weather, it may be rolled down enough to cover the ears. It may not be pulled straight down like a skull cap. No insignia devices are worn on this cap.

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Boonie Hat

Boonie HatThis hat is only authorized as organizational clothing for the operational environment. It is not to be worn off base, when interacting with the public, or by law enforcement or boarding team members.
Only sew-on rank insignia are authorized (see ODU accessories)
Approximate Head Circumference Cap Size Stock Code
21 ⅝" 6 ⅞ BH67/8
22" 7 BH7
22 ⅜" 7 ⅛ BH71/8
22 ¾" 7 ¼ BH71/4
23 ⅛" 7 ⅜ BH73/8
23 ½" 7 ½ BH71/2
23 ⅞" 7 ⅝ BH75/8

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Cold Weather Cap
cold weather capThis hat is an optional item for inclement cold weather use only. It consists of ear and neck flaps, and straps with covered metal snap fasteners worn under the chin or over the top of the hat.  It is authorized for wear with  the Service Dress Blue, Tropical Blue, Winter Dress Blue, and the ODU uniforms. No insignia devices are required for this cap.
Cap Size Size Stock Code
6 ½ to 6 Small CWCS
7 to 7 ¼ Medium CWCM
7 to 7 ½ Large CWCL
7 to 7 X-Large CWCXL
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