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What We Can Do For You

  • Gather, organize and provide statistical information.
  • Foster dialog between the Coast Guard and industry - Events.
  • Research towing vessel issues - FAQs.
  • Help ensure high level of consistency through training and policy guidance - Courses.
  • Train towing vessel examiners - Courses.
  • Provide onsite assistance - Contact Us.

What's New

The Coast Guard published ALCOAST 411/14 announcing the promulgation of the Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook, Commandant Instruction 16672.2. No paper distribution will be made. You can find the handbook on the Coast Guard Navigation Center Navrules website.

The Coast Guard has issued Marine Safety Information Bulletin 17-14 which provides an update to the maritime industry with respect to assessing Ebola risks and the responsibility of vessel/facility agents, owners, masters, operators, Area Maritime Security Committee members, and persons to immediately report potential communicable disease hazards to the United States Coast Guard and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Coast Guard has issued a new safety alert to remind barge operators of their obligation to meet current barge lighting regulations. The safety alert can be found in the Safety Alert section within Policy and Guidance.

The Coast Guard has issued a new safety alert titled Preventing Barge Explosions. This safety alert was developed to raise awareness and highlight critical lessons learned from actual incidents.

The Coast Guard has published a request for applications in the Federal Register seeking applications for membership on the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee.

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