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Mr Charles SwaringenSwaringen Award

The Charles Swaringen Award for outstanding mentorship in performance technology recognizes outstanding individual achievement in selfless development of others in the application of performance technology skills.

This award was established by the Armed Forces Chapter of the International Society of Performance Improvement in honor of Charles E. Swaringen, Jr.  The Performance Technology Center at Training Center Yorktown is the sponsor.

Mr. Charles Swaringen was the Advisor to the Commanding Officer, Aviation Technical Training Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina before cancer took his life in 1987. He is remembered as one of the first true performance technologists. Mr. Swaringen was the creator of Job-Based Solutions. He conducted experiments with innovative training applications, looking for performance deficiencies attributable to factors other than lack of skills and knowledge. He also developed training and interventions that resulted in graduates who were confident and capable of performing their jobs to the fullest potential. Perhaps what he did best was to develop people. He was an extraordinary mentor and it is this trait that we acknowledge in the recipient of this award.

Past Recipients

  • 2015 - Mr. Rick Symonds
  • 2014 - Ms. Joellen Mitchell
  • 2013 - Mike Lindsay
  • 2012 - Mr. Tim Quiram
  • 2011 - LCDR Richard "Mick" Scott
  • 2010 - Anita. S. Moseley
  • 2009 - David M. Padley
  • 2008 - Jay R. White
  • 2007 - Roland R. Isnor
  • 2006 - Alan Wheaton
  • 2005 - James D. Kunec
  • 2004 - Sheila Shepard
  • 1993 - LCDR Mike Kopito
  • 1990 - Fred Roberts
  • 1989 - Dr. Constance Brothers
  • 1988 - Marianne Hoffman


If you would like to nominate someone who fits the description of a Swaringen Award Recipient, follow this link.

Last Modified 3/7/2016