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Reporting Aboard

You've received orders to Training Center Yorktown and are now wondering where to go from here. Much of the information you need can already be found in your orders. We have provided additional information common to most individuals coming to Yorktown. Directions to Yorktown by car or air can be found via the links to the left. If you have additional questions, first contact the POC listed in your orders or you can call Yorktown Security at (757) 856-2314 for general inquiries. 


You can obtain a welcome aboard packet from the Portsmouth Work-Life Team located at Base Portsmouth Worklife Office prior to your arrival by calling (757) 686-4030 and ask for the Relocation Manager (Permanent Party Only). If you are interested in Government leased housing, call (757) 686-4047 and ask for the housing officer. Information on Child/Elder care resources, call (757) 686-4025 and ask for the Dependent Resource Coordinator.

Class "C" Schools

Your orders will identify the building your training will be held in. You can locate the buildings via the links to the left. A reservation* at the appropriate facility, based on your rank, has been made in your name for the duration of your TDY stay. Berthing assignments are as follows:

  • E-6 and below; report to Lafayette Hall
  • E-7 and above; report to Cain Hall
  • Officers and civilians report to Cain Hall

* Reservations for guest quarters will not normally be made for students unless approved by the Training Officer. Dependents are not normally allowed to reside in guest quarters while the sponsor is attending a school at TCYorktown.

Class "A" Schools

Class "A" students will go through an indoctrination soon after reporting aboard, so it is important you follow the information provided in your orders. You can locate the building for indoctrination via the links to the left. Questions concerning the time and place of the indoctrination should be directed to the POC on your orders.

All Class "A" students are to report to Lafayette Hall for berthing assignments.

Coast Guard Employee Access

It is recommended each Coast Guard employee visit TCYorktown's Portal site for additional training information.  Coast Guard Employee Access.

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