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PTC Branches


Design and Development Branch (Pm)

Produces emerging technology prototypes using current/emerging technology. Branch staff develops a full range of products from technologically intensive solutions (i.e. CBT/instruction) to moderate (interactive electronic support systems, interactive video tele-training) and simpler, low-technology interventions (i.e., simple print media).

  • LCDR Frances Smith - Branch Chief

Analysis, Acquisition, & Evaluation Branch (Pa)

Conducts careful analyses based on sound data, and objective evaluation that are aligned with the program’s goals to identify improvements to workforce productivity. AAE also use processes to develop both performance-centric doctrine and evaluation tools. In addition, the branch staff consults on major acquisition projects and captures workforce changes to determine man-power requirements for the CG’s training system.

  • CDR Julie Kuck - Branch Chief
Last Modified 1/12/2016