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2014 Commandant's Direction
This document is founded on our Core Values and guided by the principles of Service to Nation, Duty to People, and Commitment to Excellence. Each principle reinforces the others and they collectively inform strategic, operational, and resource decision-making throughout the Coast Guard.

2014 USCG's Western Hemisphere Strategy
The U.S. Coast Guard's vision for operating in the Western Hemisphere is to ensure a Secure Nation, Prosperous Markets, and Thriving Oceans.

2014 USCG Living Marine Resources Ocean Guardian
Ocean Guardian 2014 is a framework consisting of Priorities, Goals, Objectives and Strategies that provide a long standing persistent focus that should not alter over the course of the ten year period of this strategic plan. Continual changes in fiscal and operational resources and evolving DHS and Coast Guard priorities necessitates a living process that establishes procedures and can adjust to remain relevant and focus LMR efforts.

Creating and Sustaining Strategic Intent in the USCG - Evergreen -- Version 3.0
Evergreen III, U.S. Coast Guard Evergreen Process.

2013 USCG's Arctic Strategy
The U.S. Coast Guard vision for operating in the Arctic Region is to ensure safe, secure, and environmentally responsible maritime activity in the Arctic.

2013 DHS White Paper on the U.S. Coast Guard
This 2013 White Paper builds on the 2011 DHS White Paper on the Coast Guard that outlined the strategic framework for the service in the 21st Century.

2013 Commandant's SITREP
This Situation Report (SITREP) reports our progress in meeting the Priorities and Objectives within the Commandant's Direction 2011 and the critical work that remains ahead.

2007 U.S. Coast Guard Strategy
The U.S. Coast Guard Strategy for Maritime Safety, Security, and Stewardship describes how the U.S. Coast Guard will work to safeguard the nation against all threats, hazards, and challenges in the maritime domain, today and in the future.

A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower
To successfully implement this strategy, the Sea Services (U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps) must collectively expand the core capabilities of U.S. seapower to achieve a blend of peacetime engagement and major combat operations capabilities..

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