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USMC Small Craft Mechanic Course


Course Contact: (910) 440-7877, (910) 758-7877


This course provides secondary MOS (1342) training for small craft mechanics for duty in the operating forces.

Instruction includes 2nd through 4th echelon maintenance and repair of fielded small craft and their sub-systems including engine, instruments, controls, power train, and electrical systems. The small crafts covered are the Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft and the MKIII Bridge Erection Boat. The majority of the class consists of classroom instruction and practical application in the shop, and a minimal amount of waterborne instruction time.


42 Days


Students must be Private First Class or above.

Students must be MOS 1341.

Students must be assigned or pending orders to a unit possessing a small craft.

Students must have a minimum of one year remaining on their current enlistment after completion of the course.

Students must meet Marine Corps height, weight, and body fat standards and successfully complete the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and the Combat Fitness Test.


Two sets of season-appropriate MARPAT uniforms (for FY10, Desert from 20091001-20091101, Green from 20091102-20100307, Desert from 20100308-20100930)
Two sets of green on green PT gear
Two pairs of combat boots - steel-toed boots are authorized but will be in addition to the combat boots

Last Modified 11/3/2016