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Non-Compliant Vessel Pursuit (NCVP)



Non-Compliant Vessel Pursuit Course Contact:
(910) 440-6026


The course provides advanced training to achieve the elements of skill and knowledge necessary for safe and effective performance of border interdiction and non-compliant vessel pursuit tactics.

This is a performance based course for certified OTH and SPC-LE Class Coxswains and Crewmembers. Training consists of day and night non-compliant vessel pursuit tactics, crew communications, illumination, and navigation best-practices. This course emphasizes boat crew teamwork and communication in a high-risk environment. NCVP is designated as a high risk training course.


5 Days



Cutters and Stations should attempt to send a Coxswain and Crewmember to the same course convening in order to optimize training.

SMTC provides SAR vests/pyro. Students shall bring all remaining PPE including cold weather gear (if applicable), foul weather gear, helmets, body armor and gun belt.

Currently, SMTC training platforms will include OTH and SPC-LE class boats. This does not preclude attendance for those stations with an RB-M only boat allowance.

All students are to report wearing an appropriate "US Coast Guard" ball cap in accordance with Coast Guard Uniform Regulations Manual COMDTINST M1020.6F (series).


Last Modified 5/31/2013