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Crew-Served Weapon MK19 40mm Machine Gun Course



Crew-Served Weapon, MK-19, 40mm Machine Gun Course Contact:
(910) 440-6036


To introduce members of the USCG to the information and skills needed to operate the MK-19 40mm Machine Gun, and to engage assigned targets while applying proper operation, employment, and safety procedures, in accordance with current Navy requirements and appropriate manuals.

This course provides E-1 through O-3 personnel with instruction on basic skills required of a USCG team member. The student will be required to complete classroom and practical field exercises. The course of instruction will be the MK-19 Machine Gun and MK-19 Machine Gun Practical Application. There will be a number of practical exercises and live fire training. MK-19 is designated as a high risk training course.


6 Days


Student must be a member of or pending/awaiting orders to Patrol Forces Southwest Asia (PATFORSWA).

Student must be fit for full duty.

Last Modified 5/31/2013