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Deployment Training Detachment - Portsmouth, VA

DTD Course Contact: (757) 619-7906

Pre-Deployment Training - Cutter Crew:
Provides the skills necessary for cutter crews deploying to USCENCTOM AOR, such as confined area operations, container climbing, weapons training, water survival, and maritime law enforcement. Additionally, advanced first aid, crew-served weapons, navigation and refrigeration and air conditioning training is also provided.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Pre-Deployment Training - Shoreside Support
Prepares members deploying in vessel support & security billets in their AOR by providing training in individual and crew-served weapons and advanced first aid.

Duration: 4 Weeks

Pre-Deployment Training - Middle Eastern Training Team (METT) :
Prepares members deploying as part of a training detachment to teach and recertify USCG and foreign personnel in container climbing, weapons training, water survival, maritime law enforcement, advanced first aid, crew-served weapons, navigation, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Duration: 8 Weeks

Redeployment Assistance Inspection Detachment (RAID) Team Member Course:
Prepares personnel in areas of hazardous materials, container inspections, customs inspection, USDA inspector, weapons, and helicopter safety.

Duration: 7 Weeks


Last Modified 12/24/2014