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Close Quarters Combat Instructor (CQCI)

Course Contact: (910) 440-6036

This 14 day course ensures qualified members are trained to conduct Close Quarters Combat shoot house training including the planning and organization necessary to safely replicate CQC mission scenarios to sustain individual and team skills.

The Close Quarters Combat Instructor (CQCI) course will provide unit level trainers with the skills necessary to conduct CQC training for tactical operators in accordance with Coast Guard policy and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).  CQCI is designated as a high risk training course.


14 Days


*Parent commands are responsible for ensuring course prerequisites are met and verifying documentation is correct/up to date (all documentation shall be hand carried).  All documentation will be reviewed upon arrival to SMTC.  Members arriving without prerequisites/documentation shall be disenrolled.

• TACLET member: CTEs 1-5.
• MSST MLE/FP member: CTEs 1-5.
• MSRT member: CTEs 5-6.

Commands requesting attendance of unit personnel must provide in the request a statement certifying how the prerequisites were met.
Commands requesting attendance of unit personnel not meeting the above criteria should request specific quota approval in writing from CG-721 prior to attendance.  Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, approval will not be granted.

An equipment list is located on the SMTC Portal and can be accessed through a workstation III.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016