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Basic Tactical Operations Course (BTOC)



Course Contact: (910) 650-0232


This eight week course delivers maritime interdiction common tactical skills and advanced tactical marksmanship to prepare personnel for high risk response mission operations. BTOC is designated as a high risk training course.

This course consists of classroom instruction and instructor-led/supervised advanced practical exercises (drills) at the small group level (8 and 4 man group) provided in an intensive 8-week resident course.  Subject matter is designed to prepare a newly assigned member of an Enhanced Team/MSRT, TACLET and MSST (MLE/FP) team to effectively, efficiently, and safely gain the basic skills necessary to function as a unit assault team member.  The course covers Advanced Interdiction and Counterterrorism (AI & CT) skills such as Advanced Marksmanship, Close Quarters Combat, and Breaching.  The student must pass with a GO in the GO/NO-GO criteria to successfully complete the course.


40 Days


*Parent commands are responsible for ensuring course prerequisites are met and verifying documentation is correct/up to date (all documentation shall be hand carried). All documentation will be reviewed upon arrival to SMTC and members arriving without prerequisites/documentation shall be disenrolled.

An equipment list is located on the SMTC Portal and can be accessed through a workstation III.
CG Portal - SMTC


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