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Advanced Marksmanship Instructor Course (AMI)



Course Contact: (910) 440-6510


Instruct personnel on skills necessary to provide sustainment and proficiency training in Advanced Combat Marksmanship Skills utilizing coaching techniques to prepare them to perform as an Advanced Marksmanship Instructor (AMI).


15 Days

AMI quotas are available to Coast Guard uniformed members E-5 or above and GS Employees that meet the following criteria.

• Meets the personal qualities of a Range Instructor as described in COMDTINST M8000.2E.
• Currently assigned to a MSRT, TACLET, MSST MLE/FP section, or SMTC.
• Graduate of the Tactical Training Course (TTC) or Basic Tactical Operations Course (BTOC).
• Vision correctable to 20/20; not possess a medical profile that would prohibit participation in training, and must not be taking any medications that may affect reflexes or judgment. All students must report with medical records to training.
• Currently qualified FAI with a minimum of six months of satisfactory performance.
• 24 months of operational experience on a DSF tactical team or comparable experience.
• The member expresses the desire to attend AMI School and perform the duties of a AMI.
• Has a favorable command endorsement.

An equipment list is located on the SMTC Portal and can be accessed through a workstation III.
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Last Modified 4/1/2015