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Advanced Marksmanship Instructor Course (AMI)



COURSE CONTACT: (910) 440-6036

MISSION: Instruct TACLET, MSST MLE/FP section, MSRT, and SMTC personnel on skills necessary to provide sustainment and proficiency training to personnel in Advanced Combat Marksmanship Skills, utilizing coaching techniques to prepare them to perform as an Advanced Marksmanship Instructor (AMI).

SCOPE: This course consists of classroom instruction and instructor-led/supervised Advanced Combat Marksmanship Skills training at the group level, provided in an intensive 15-day resident course. AMI candidates are grouped with a senior instructor/mentor and a simulated marksmanship trainee (Role Player). This provides observation of students while being supervised and mentored by a senior instructor. The student must achieve a 80 percent passing grade on technical and written evaluations, and pass all designated practical evaluations in order to successfully complete the course. The AMI course is designated as High-Risk Training (HRT).


AMI REQUESTS: Commanding Officers must send an e-mail to requesting an AMI school quota for their member. E-mail must include a written statement that the member meets the prerequisites, qualification, and eligibility requirements stated below.

PREREQUISITES: AMI quotas are available to Coast Guard uniformed members E-5 or above and GS Employees that meet the following criteria.


• TACLET member: CTEs 1-5.
• MSST MLE/FP member: CTEs 1-5.
• MSRT member: CTEs 5-6.

• P229R DAK.
• MK18.
• M870.

• Practical Riot Shotgun Course (PRSC)

Commands requesting attendance of unit personnel not meeting the above criteria should request specific quota approval in writing from CG-721 prior to attendance. Unless there are extraordinary circumstances, approval will not be granted.

FAX: (910) 376-1898
Please contact unit before sending fax.

An equipment list is located on the SMTC Portal and can be accessed through a workstation III.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016