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PSU Basic Skills Course


Course Contacts:
Section Chief (910) 440-6040
Course Chief (910) 440-6074


To introduce a member of the USCG Port Security Unit (PSU) to the information and skills needed to operate successfully as a member of the PSU during deployment OCONUS in accordance with United States Coast Guard orders, instructions, doctrine and real world requirements. This course provides E-2 through O-5 personnel with instruction on basic skills required of a PSU team member. The students will be required to complete classroom and practical field exercises. Units of instruction consist of CBRN, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Land navigation, Entry Control Points, Vehicle Searches, Rear Area Security, Crew Served Weapons including the M240B and M2HB, MOUT, Individual and Squad Movement, and basic patrolling. There will be a number of practical exercises and live fire training. Students will be living in field conditions and eating field rations (MRE’s) for the majority of the course.


12 Days


Note: Students are required to supply documentation validating completion of course prerequisites no later than the first day of training.



Check off sheet

*Parent commands/students are responsible for ensuring all equipment is brought, inspected, and certified upon reporting to SMTC.  Equipment will be inspected upon arrival to SMTC and members arriving without proper equipment may be disenrolled. It is highly recommended that students contact the airlines for restrictions on check-in baggage and plan accordingly. You might have to bring more than one bag. See airline for details.


* Note 1: Unit specific t-shirts and ball caps are not authorized with USCG uniform.   
** Note 2: Quota cancellations/changes/messages – parent commands shall send student cancellation/changes messages to SMTC, TQC and PAC AREA prior to convening to provide time to reissue orders.  No substitutions will be accepted if official message has not been received and may result in members being disenrolled. 
*** Note 3: MCB Camp Lejeune, NC can experience harsh winter and summer conditions.  Students should be prepared for various weather conditions during the training environment.


Check off

Minimum QTY




Military identification card



Complete medical questionnaire



Current CG-3029s for M16.



CG-3029s for PQS on the M16. PQS shall be completed within 90 days of report date.  (PQS will be confirmed upon arrival to SMTC and failure may result in disenrollment).


Memo from parent command stating student successfully completed the physical fitness test, Tier II, within 180 days of convening class date per DOGINST 6110.1.

Training Quota Management Center (TQC) List of Available Courses

PSU Basic Skills Course is accredited by the American Council on Education.

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