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Courthouse Bay Area Marine Corps Exchange
The Courthouse Bay Area Marine Corps Exchange is located in building BB-245. The Exchange has a retail store, and ATM, and a barber shop.

CHB Area Marine Corps Exchange
(910) 440-7137

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday - 0630-1900
Saturday - 1000-1600
Sunday - 0900-1700

172 Marine Mart
The 172 Marine Mart is located at the intersection of US 172 and Horn road. This Marine Mart has gas, everyday needs, beer, wine, liquor, cable TV, and a car wash.

172 Marine Mart
(910) 440-6168
(910) 440-6171

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday - 0530-2100
Saturday - 0900-2100
Sunday - 0900-1700

Military Clothing
The Military Clothing store is located in building BB-54. In addition to military clothing sales, dry cleaning services are provided in the Military Clothing store.

Military Clothing
(910) 440-7342

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday - 0900-1800

Main Marine Corps Exchange and Exchange Mall
The Main Marine Corps Exchange is located in the mall at Hadnot Point. This exchange complex is one of the largest in the area. The Main Exchange offers a multitude of articles and services, including military uniforms, men's, women's and children's clothing, jewelry, cameras, electronics, sporting goods and equipment, hardware, household items, health and comfort items, supplementary food items, and cosmetics.

Among the many services available at the Main Exchange are barber shops and a beauty shop.

Main Marine Corps Exchange and Exchange Mall
(910) 451-5030
MCX Main Exchange

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday - 0900-2100
Sunday - 0900-1800

Last Modified 1/12/2016