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Security Levels




All Students:

Government lodging is directed for students in the SMTC Barracks (BB-148) located at Courthouse Bay. Reservations prior to arrival are NOT required. SMTC Barracks Manager and/or SMTC OOD will facilitate student check in upon arrival at Courthouse Bay.

E7 and Above:

E7 and above may reside at the Courthouse Bay BOQ (BB-45) if funded by their Command to do so. Reservations are required and must be made with a military credit card. Students shall call the MCBCL Bachelor Housing Division scheduler at least 60 days prior to arrival. When making reservations, students MUST specifically request the Courthouse Bay BOQ. (See BOQ page for more information.)

BB-148 Rules:

  1. Ensure your room is secured prior to leaving the room area.
  2. Secure your personal belongings.
  3. Do not rearrange the room furniture, for safety reasons.
  4. Keep your room clean at all times and take out your trash daily, this will help prevent bugs from trying to enter your room.
  5. Keep room chairs inside the room. If you do take the room chair outside to sit on, make sure the chair is returned to the inside of the room prior to leaving the area.
  6. Tobacco products only authorized in designated outside areas.
  7. Do not discard cigarette butts or trash onto the barracks grounds. Place any waste into the proper receptacles.
  8. Do not dispose of your room trash in the laundry room trash cans or the picnic area trash cans. Dumpsters are at the front side of the barracks.
  9. Gear adrift will be confiscated daily.
  10. For any assistance contact the Barracks Manager during working hours and the OOD after working hours.

NOTE: Rooms are two person rooms, equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, TV/DVD combo (NO cable tv), iron, ironing board. There are pillows, linen, comforter and cleaning gear provided in each room.

Last Modified 1/12/2016