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Security Levels





All students reporting to SMTC for training will report to the SMTC Barracks Manager or to the SMTC Officer of the Day, if reporting after working hours. The Barracks Manager or the OOD will assign students a room in the SMTC barracks. Students will report to the Barracks in BB-148.

Parent commands must ensure that orders authorize Government Lodging and Government Messing to be reimbursed at the daily meals/incidental rate. Proper attire is required for entering the mess hall; links are provided below to the Dress Code and to other helpful policies and procedures relevant to incoming students reporting to SMTC.

All students will lodge in the barracks.  The only exceptions will be in the case of overflow, seniority (at SMTC Command discretion), and gender conflicts within rooms.  The member's Commands should NOT authorize lodging outside Court House Bay or in the base BOQ unless coordinated in advance with SMTC.  This is in effort to reduce expense, ease the burden of logistics and avoid the delays to training.

SMTC Address:

PSC Box 20068
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542

Barracks Manager:

Office: (910) 440-7835
Mobile: (910) 376-2241

Assistant Barracks Manager:

Mobile: (910) 330-7331

Marine Corps:

Office: (910) 581-9433


(910) 376-0824

The Barracks rooms do have a TV and DVD player in each room, however, no cable or satellite reception is available.

Last Modified 1/12/2016