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U.S. Coast Guard Naval Engineering Drawing Templates


The drawing template files, with all mandatory and conditional blocks, have been developed in AutoCAD™ format. The templates are intended to provide a consistent drawing format for all naval engineering drawings developed for all U.S. Coast Guard cutters and boats. They are intended to serve as a tool for engineers and draftsmen tasked with new drawing creation. Detailed requirements with regards to drawing format and standards can be found in the U.S.C.G. Naval Engineering Computer Aided Design Standards (COMDTINST M9085.1 series). To download the manual as an Adobe .pdf file, click here.

The templates below are listed by sheet size. There are two files for each template size. To download an AutoCAD™ template, double-click on the template name to open the WinZip folder. Then drag and drop the drawing template from the WinZip folder to your Desktop folder. As a template, each time you open the file a new and separate .dwg file is generated and the template remains intact and unchanged. From the dialogue box, you may also select a folder on your workstation to save to, the default is your desktop. Leave the save as file type "AutoCAD drawing".

(Note: The "Download Plug-Ins" tab at the bottom of this page contains a link allowing you to download WinZip if the plug-in is not currently installed on your computer.)

A Multi-Sheet 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-A-L
A Multi-Sheet 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-A-P
B Multi-Sheet 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-B
C Multi-Sheet 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-C
D Multi-Sheet 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-D
H-8 Multi-Sheet 8 Panel 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-H-8
H-12 Multi-Sheet 12 Panel 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-H-12
H-16 Multi-Sheet 16 Panel 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-H-16
H-24 Multi-Sheet 24 Panel 1 & Higher MULTI-SH-H-24

NOTE: The following templates are for reference or the recreation of a damaged existing drawing only. All new CG Drawings shall utilize the Multi-Sheet format. Refer to Template Changes and Dynamic Block for additional information.

B   1 SH-B-1
B   2 & Higher SH-B-2
C   1 SH-C-1
C   2 & Higher SH-C-2
D   1 SH-D-1
D   2 & Higher SH-D-2
H-8 8 PANEL 1 SH-H-8-1
H-8 8 PANEL 2 & Higher SH-H-8-2
H-12 12 Panel 1 SH-H-12-1
H-12 12 Panel 2 & Higher SH-H-12-2
H-16 16 Panel 1 SH-H-16-1
H-16 16 Panel 2 & Higher SH-H-16-2
H-24 24 Panel 1 SH-H-24-1
H-24 24 Panel 2 & Higher SH-H-24-2

Coast Guard Plot Style File

Clicking on the following link downloads a Coast Guard AutoCAD™ plot style file: CG_Lineweight.ctb.

To use this plot style file, you must copy it to the "Plot Styles" folder, or a folder in the AutoCAD™ "Support File Search Path".

Computer Oriented Wiring Diagram (COED)

Utilize the following templates when developing a COED. To download a template, right-click on the template name. Then select "save target as" from list of options.

COED Cover Sheet

COED Database Template

Please contact the U.S. Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center, ESD, Technical Information Management Branch with any questions or concerns relating to these templates or the CAD Standards Manual COMDTINST M9085.1 (series) requirements.

Download Plug-Ins: Some of the links on this page require a plug-in to view them. Links to the plug-ins are available below.
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Last Modified 1/12/2016