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Small Boat Product Line

The Small Boat Product Line (SBPL) was established as part of the modernization to the new CG Logistics Model. This is the first of many product lines that will be stood up over the next few years. The SBPL aligns all boat support resources under a single entity with authority and accountability for maintenance and logistics for all boats in the Coast Guard. The SBPL is a geographically-distributed organization with personnel located at Integrated Support Centers, Maintenance and Logistics Commands, Naval Engineering Support Units and the Engineering Logistics Center. Support will be provided using aligned traditional processes for Non-Modernized Units, and using the new CG Logistics Model for Modernized Sectors.

[bullet]Engineering and Projects Branch
[bullet]Program Depot Maintenance Branch
[bullet]Supply Branch

Modernized Small Boats:

[bullet]17' CB-M
[bullet]24' SPC-SW
[bullet]25' RB-S
[bullet]26' TANB
[bullet]29' RB-S II
[bullet]33' SPC-LE
[bullet]45' RB-M
[bullet]47' MLB
[bullet]49' BUSL
[bullet]52' SPC-HWX
[bullet]55' ANB

Non-Modernized Small Boats:

[bullet]13'-15' CB-S
[bullet]16' CB-M
[bullet]18' CB-M
[bullet]17'-28' UTLs
[bullet]18'/20'/22' SPC-AIR
[bullet]19'-24' CB-L
[bullet]21' TANBs
[bullet]23' CB-OTH MKII and III
[bullet]23' SPC-BTD
[bullet]CB-OTH MK IV
[bullet]25' TPSB
[bullet]25'-40' UTMs
[bullet]26' MSB
[bullet]32' TPSB
[bullet]35' LRI II
[bullet]38' LCVP
[bullet]38' SPC-TB
[bullet]38' ASB
[bullet]42' SPC-NLB
[bullet]64' ANB
[bullet]64' CT
[bullet]Boat Support Equipment
[bullet]SBPL Approved Mobile
Boat Hoists

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Last Modified 1/6/2015