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Ice Breaker, Buoy and Construction Tender Product Line

The Ice Breaker, Buoy and Construction Tender Product Line (IBCTPL) was established as part of the modernization to the new CG Logistics Model. The IBCTPL aligns all cutter support resources under a single entity as part of a service-wide effort to implement a unified logistics system based upon the four logistics modernization cornerstones of (1) service-wide commitment to configuration management; (2) total asset visibility across the Coast Guard through an enterprise IT system; (3) bi-level support system consisting of only unit and depot levels and; (4) single point ofaccountability for asset support through the establishment of asset product lines. The IBCTPL is a geographically-distributed organization with personnel located throughout the United States. Support will be provided using aligned traditional processes for Non-Modernized Units, and using the new CG Logistics Model for Modernized Sectors.

[bullet]Engineering and Projects Branch
[bullet]Program Depot Maintenance Branch
[bullet]Supply Branch

Ice Breakers:

[bullet]240 WLBB
[bullet]140 WTGB
[bullet]65 WYTL

Buoy Tenders:

[bullet]225 WLB
[bullet]175 WLM
[bullet]160 WLIC
[bullet]100 WLI
[bullet]100 WLIC
[bullet]75 WLIC
[bullet]75 WLR
[bullet]65 WLI
[bullet]65 WLR

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Last Modified 1/12/2016