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Sponsor Program

Your sponsor's job is to help you and your family with your transfer by providing information about the station, housing, and travel. Use your sponsor. He/She has recently gone through the same moving process and can make your move much easier. Don't hesitate, call or write him/her with your questions and a prompt reply will be forthcoming. The sponsors will normally perform the following duties:
1. Call or write a personal letter introducing him/herself.

2. Provide Information on Sector San Juan, particularly where information is available on the Sector
    San Juan website.

3. Keep you informed of the most current information available.

4. Ask if there is anything that can be done for you at this end, and answer all questions promptly.

5. Inform the Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) as well as your new chain of command of your arrival

6. Confirm your initial lodging arrangements.

7. Meet you at the airport if you are traveling via commercial airlines.

8. You will then be assisted to your quarters and elsewhere, as required.

9. Accompany you as you check in and introduce you to the chain of command.

10. Provide a tour of the Sector to familiarize you with all offices and working spaces.

11. Provide a tour of base facilities.

Please keep your sponsor advised of your exact arrival time, because transient quarters are hard to find.


Last Modified 3/17/2016