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Entry Approval Process

After receiving your orders to Sector San Juan, one of its subordinate units or a tenant command such as ESD, MAT or TAFT, the most important step is to obtain an Entry Approval.  The entry approval will allow you to ship your household goods (HHG), your privately owned vehicle (POV), and physically relocate you and your dependents to this OCONUS duty station. Member are only allowed to PCS after the Official Entry Approval process is complete (active duty member will receive a message in the Coast Guard Message System.) 

All members in receipt of orders to an overseas duty station must request Entry Approval in accordance with Chapter 4.H of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual. Furthermore, all active duty members and dependents transferring overseas must meet the criteria in the Personnel Manual prior to overseas entry approval being granted by Sector San Juan.  To expedite your entry approval, it is very important that the proper documents and interviews be conducted in a timely manner.  Do not wait until the last minute to begin this fairly involved process, as this will simply delay your entry.

For shipment of household goods, dependents' concurrent travel, and shipment of a POV, refer to Chapter 5, parts D and E of the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR).  Your Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) at your current unit will be able to assist you in reviewing these requirements.

Make sure you meet all the requirements for assignment to an overseas duty before you depart your present duty station. The requirements of Chapter 4.E.6 of the Personnel Manual are of particular importance. If you are bringing dependents, you must have sufficient obligated service for an "accompanied" tour when you leave CONUS.

You must be interviewed by the Commanding Officer or Officer in Charge of your departing command to ensure your/your dependents’ suitability for overseas assignment. See Chapter 4-E-2 of the Personnel Manual for details. 

Check to ensure all DEERS information is current for all of your dependents. Military Treatment  facilities (MTF) on-island are small and very limited! If you or a family member needs frequent or special medical treatment that is not readily available on-island, entry approval may be denied.

Although the process to obtain entry approval is quite involved, we have attempted to make this an easy to follow process. Furthermore, we have provided you with the Entry Approval Checklist from the Personnel Manual itself to help you expedite your entry approval.

By printing and using the Entry Approval Checklist, you can greatly simplify and expedite the entry approval process. If during this time you or your command have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Sponsor or our Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) at (787) 729-2319/2350 for assistance.
While the Entry Approval Checklist provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for obtaining overseas entry approval, the paragraphs below provide a broad outline of the process.
1.  Prior to submitting an e-resume for overseas assignment, members must:
     a. Review the Command Checklist for Overseas Screening (Exhibit 4.H.1 of the PERSMAN) and
         the Overseas Screening for Active Duty Dependents (Exhibit 4.H.2) along with the chronological
         record of medical care (SF-600) and conduct a self-paced screening. Married members are
         strongly encouraged to review these checklists with their spouses. Both of these checklists are
         provided with the ‘Entry Approval Checklist’.
     b. The following statement must be entered into the comments section of the member’s e-resume:
         “My family (if applicable) and I meet the criteria for overseas assignment as outlined in Article  
         4.H. of the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series).  My spouse (if applicable) and
         I have reviewed the Command Checklist for Overseas Screening, the Financial Assessment
         Checklist and the Dependent Overseas Screening shown in Article 4.H. of the Personnel
         Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series).”
2.  Sector San Juan will send out a welcome aboard message, via the Coast Guard Message System (CGMS) within 72 hours of orders appearing on the Airport Terminal.  The name of the command designated sponsor will be included on this message.  Active duty members are strongly encouraged to share a copy of this message with their spouses.
3.  Immediately upon receipt of Airport Terminal Orders, active duty members should be scheduling and completing an overseas physical.  Once complete, the results of the overseas physical should be forwarded to the Sector San Juan Clinic at (787) 289-7991. 
4.  Within ten (10) days of receipt of Airport Terminal orders, the current command’s designated screener must interview the member and spouse to determine their (and any dependents’) suitability for overseas duty.  Commands are reminded to use the current Command Checklist for Overseas Screening (Exhibit 4.H.1) contained in the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), Change 41.
5.  Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge of sending commands should ensure that sections 1 through 4 of Exhibit  4.H.1 is faxed or scanned and e-mailed to the Sector San Juan SPO, within five (5) days after completion of the overseas interview process.  Commands are reminded that overseas entry approval documents must be routed through the appropriate entry approval point.  For all Coast Guard units in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with the exception of AIRSTA Borinquen, the appropriate entry approval point is the Sector San Juan SPO.  Sending entry approval documentation to the wrong location can significantly delay the entry approval process.
6.  All dependents transferring overseas are required to be screened using the overseas screening for active duty dependents (Exhibit 4.H.2) contained in the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), Change 41.  To initiate the screening process, dependents must sign and submit two (2) copies of the DD Form 2870 “Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information” along with the chronological record of medical care (SF-600) and parts I and II of the overseas screening for active duty dependents (Exhibit 4.H.2) to their primary health care provider, either civilian or military. DD Form 2870 is available with the ‘Entry Approval Checklist’.  After these forms have been submitted and completed by the primary health care provider, the health care provider’s staff or the active duty member/dependent should forward them to the Sector San Juan clinic via fax to (787) 289-7991.  It is strongly recommended that the active duty member/dependent fax the forms and maintain copies for their files.
7.  When the screening packages are complete for all dependents, the health care provider can then endorse section five of the Command Checklist for Overseas Screening (Exhibit 4.H.1) prior to Command Endorsement.  Sending commands are reminded that in the absence of a nearby Military Treatment Facility, the Primary Care Physician should sign the Medical Endorsement.  If the Primary Care Physician refuses to sign the Medical Endorsement, contact the Sector San Juan SPO to seek further guidance.
8.  Once the completed Command Checklist for Overseas Screening (sections one through five) and the dependent overseas screening for active duty dependents have been completed and faxed/scanned and e-mailed, the transferring command should draft and send the Request for Entry Approval to the Sector San Juan SPO.
9.  When the Sector San Juan SPO has received the COMPLETED Command Checklist for Overseas Screening (sections one through five) and the Sector San Juan clinic has received the Dependent Medical Screening as well as the Active Duty member’s overseas physical, the Sector San Juan SPO will review the entire package to ensure the requirements outlined in 4.H of the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), Change 41 have been met.
10.  After the entire package has been reviewed and approved, Sector San Juan will send an Entry Approval Message authorizing Travel and Transportation Allowances for the member and dependents to travel OCONUS.  Additionally, this message is the authority for the shipment of household goods (HHG) , privately owned vehicles (POV) and the travel and transportation entitlements for your dependents.  Inbound members and sending commands are advised that the shipment of household goods or a POV prior to entry being granted can have a huge financial impact on the member if entry approval is denied.
11.  All personnel who are transferring overseas should review section 4.H of the Personnel Manual, COMDTINST M1000.6 (series), change 41, as well ALCOAST 098/06 and ALCOAST 112/08.  If personnel still have questions after reviewing all applicable references they are encouraged to contact the Sector San Juan SPO at (787)729-2350.
12.  All Coast Guard Academy, OCS, and DCO graduates without dependents who do not anticipate a change in dependency while en route will have their entry approval granted or denied by the CG Academy.  Training Center Cape May shall be the entry approval authority for recruit training graduates who do not have nor plan to acquire dependents while en route to their overseas duty station.