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Resident Inspection Office St. Croix routinely performs all Marine Safety related operational functions.  This includes conducting Small Passenger Vessel (T-Boat) inspections, Port State Control boardings on Foreign Freight Vessels, Tank vessels, and CCSSC (Caribbean Cargo Ships) as well as performing uninspected towing vessel examinations.  RIO St. Croix also performs container inspections (including joint agency operations), facility inspections on LNG, mobile, and oil transfer facilities, marine casualty investigations, and pollution investigations.  RIO ST. Croix’s deep-draft boarding’s are concentrated on product, LPG, and chemical tankers that conduct transfers to, and from, Hovensa storage Terminal located on the southern coast.  RIO also serves as a liaison for COMCOGARD SECTOR SAN JUAN in other mission areas and logistical support.

Pollution Summary

Typically, RIO St. Croix’s pollution reports are for small spills (less than 10 gallons) reported by the responsible party.  Although situations vary as to the reason for the spill, the most frequent source is usually related to some type of bulk liquid transfer with equipment failure or human contributing factor. After hours reports are taken by the CDO.  The CDO contacts the duty petty officer here on St. Croix. On-site investigations are normally conducted and the supervisor notified as necessary as to the course of action.  Duty petty officers make use of a variety of resources around the island to assist with the response.  For example, the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, U.S. Fish and Wildlife and local Marine Police all have patrol boats to assist during an investigation.

Life in St. Croix

There is no military housing on St. Croix.  All assigned personnel live on the economy.  Cost of living is comparable to any big city in the United States.  St. Croix has fine hotels, dinning, sightseeing, and many outdoor activities year-round.

Contact Information:

LT Joshua Love
5090 Estate Solitude
Christianted, VI 00820
Tel. (340) 772-5557
Fax. (340) 778-8185    


Last Modified 8/15/2014