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   Station San Juan 


Response Department


Contact Information:

LCDR Heather Kelly              LCDR Christopher Douglas  
Chief, Response Operations     Chief, Enforcement Division    
Tel. (787) 729 - 5384                Tel. (787) 729 - 5365              
Fax. (787) 729 - 5364               Fax. (787) 729 - 5364    

The Response Department carries out command and control activities associated with incident response and/or security enforcement.  Missions handled by the department include; oils and hazardous material releases from vessels and waterfront facilities, disaster response and crisis management, search and rescue, enforcement of laws and treaties, marine safety and security, and Homeland Security and defense operations.  The Response Department also conducts safety and security boardings on commercial and recreational vessels, and conducts security and safety patrols.

We save lives and property at sea;
We ensure a safe, efficient maritime transportation system;
We protect the environment and living marine resources;
We enforce laws and treaties in the maritime region; and
We defend the maritime borders and national security of the United States.

Ready today Preparing for tomorrow.
Our motto, "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready) speaks to the commitment Coast Guard men and women demonstrate day in and day out to get the job done, no matter how tough and demanding the circumstances. True to our motto and our traditions, this Strategic Plan focuses on meeting the needs of our customers, flawlessly performing our missions, and getting the job done, whenever and wherever called upon.

Protect our maritime borders by halting the flow of illegal drugs, migrants and contraband into this country through maritime routes; preventing illegal incursions of our Exclusive Economic Zone; and suppressing violations of federal law in the maritime region.

Eliminate environmental damage and natural resource degradation associated with all maritime activities, including transportation, commercial fishing and recreational boating.

Defend the nation as one of the five U.S. Armed Services. Enhance regional stability in support of the National Security Strategy, utilizing our unique and relevant maritime capabilities.


Incident Management Division

LCDR LuAnn Kehlenbach
Chief, Incident Management Division
Tel. (787) 289 - 2062
Fax. (787) 729 -5364

Sector San Juan Incident Management Division's (IMD) primary mission is to provide emergency response to incidents in the navigable waters or our Area of Responsibility (AOR).  The IMD ensures effective response actions are taken to control and remove actual or potential pollution threats and conducts exercises to enhance response readiness.  The IMD Works with local, state and federal agencies to mitigate incidents by identifying the source, amount, and potential impact on public health and the environment.  IMD's personnel respond to all sizes of pollution incidents.

Report Hazardous and Oil Material Spills to the National Response Center
 (800) 424-8802 /

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Last Modified 3/17/2016