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Admin    Armory    Chaplain    Child Day Care    Galley    Engineering    Finance    Housing Office

Medical    MWR Office    Physical Security    Safety    Servicing Personnel    Staff Attorney

ESO    Supply Office    Transportation    UPH    Worklife


Logistics Department


Manage all administration/personnel, finance and supply, and logistics engineering support for the Sector, except for CG Air Station Borinquen. Serve as Commanding Officer of Military Personnel assigned to Sector San Juan units located in San Juan as outlined in the Coast Guard Regulations Manual, Manual for Courts Martial, Op Plans, and Commandant and District Directives. Manage and provide unit administration and personnel actions for active duty, reserve and civilian members of Sector San Juan. For matters concerning the management of, and access to, Base San Juan facilities, he also serves as the Commanding Officer, Base San Juan.


(1) Coordinate and execute organic administration support.

(2) Coordinate Sector-wide collateral duties program.

(3) Administer Sector MWR program including the Child Development Center.

(4) Manage unit level physical security administration.

(5) Administer Sector General Military Training (GMT).

(6) Oversee all PCS related programs including HHGs, vehicles, incoming and outgoing Personnel issues, TLA, overseas entry;

(7) Work-Life programs under direction of ISC Miami;

(8) Active duty medical; advice and consultation for dependent health-care;

(9) Wellness and physical fitness programs;

(10) Manage all family housing and unaccompanied housing programs.

(11) Manage religious programs through the Sector San Juan Chaplains.

Administer organic, unit level Finance and Supply functions:

(1) Supervise development of Sector budget plans, accounts, and manage the disbursement of funds for Sector units;

(2) Manage real and general-purpose property programs;

(3) Oversee the supply system for the Sector. Provide advice, guidance and support to San Juan based Sector units on procurement, stowage and issue of all stores assigned to the Sector and subordinate units;

(4) Manage Sector vehicle programs;

(5) Manage galley operations for Base San Juan and provide technical advice, SECTOR San Juan Organization and Regulations Manual SECSJINST 5400 1-10 guidance and support to cutter galleys.

Administer organic, unit level engineering support for all SSJ:

(1) Administer electronics, naval, and facilities engineering support programs. Industrial support/services will be provided/coordinated by ISC Miami;

(2) Administer motor vehicles program;

(3) Oversee environmental compliance program.

(4) Serve as command Safety Officer

Work with all Sector components to ensure Sector unity of effort.


Contact Information:

CDR Robert E. Hemp                           LT Pedro Peterson-Fernandez 
Commanding Officer of Military                Chief, Personnel Division
Personnel & CO, Base San Juan             Tel. (787) 729 - 2306
Chief, Logistics                                      Fax. (787) 729 - 2335
Tel. (787) 729 - 4300                               
Fax. (787) 729 - 2335                             


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