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Coast Guard Housing is located on 37.5 acres of CG Owned land in Rio Bayamon, PR. There are 149 available housing units that were constructed in 1997. Rio Bayamon housing is guarded 24 hours a day with security rounds to ensure the safety and the well being of our Coast Guard community.

Facilities include a pool, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, community center, weight room, spinning room, small library, free community center Wi-Fi, a self-help/maintenance shop, several Play grounds, and a Child Development Center. Each housing unit is equipped with energy efficient central A/C, electric range and vented hood, photovoltaic panels, 80 gallon water heater, refrigerator, dish washer, garbage disposal, washer and dryer hook ups, carports, screened patio and cable ready access in the majority of the rooms. Cable TV and internet setup is accomplished with the local service provider.


Coast Guard Housing is mandatory. The Coast Guard is mandated to maintain a 95% occupancy rate in owned housing. Housing is approximately 11 miles from Sector San Juan and approximately 5 miles from Fort Buchannan were the local DoDEA (Antilles) Schools are located. School bus transportation is provided from housing and to Antilles Schools, Monday through Friday.

Exceptions to mandatory assignment may be authorized by the AHA.

The examples below and all other requests for exceptions to mandatory assignment will be considered on a case-by-case basis:

         Members already residing on the economy in the same geographic area or within a RCD of the new PDS;

         Members who own a home in the same geographic area or within a RCD of the new PDS; and

         Members enrolled in the Special Needs Program whose needs cannot be met in government housing.

House Size

The average square footage of unit types at RBH is:

Two-Bedroom 1,295sf

Three-Bedroom 1,630sf

Four-Bedrooms 1,915sf and 2,190sf

Housing is assigned based on the member’s bedroom requirements and qualifications. Bedroom qualifications are listed below and are from Table 4-1 of the Coast Guard Housing Manual, COMDTINST M11101.3F (series).

Number of Dependents (excluding spouse)

Number of Bedrooms

Zero or one


Two, except as follows:
One 10 years or older.
One 6 years or older and other of opposite sex.


Three, except as follows:
Two of 10 years or older.
One 10 years or older and other two of opposite sex with one 6 years or older.


Four, except as follows:
One of 10 years or over.
One 6 years or older and all three the opposite sex of the one.
Two 6 years or older of opposite sex, both the same sex.
Two 10 years or older and other two of opposite sex with one 6 years or older.
Three 10 years or older.




Five or more


Quarters ‘A’ is designated command quarters and is reserved for the Sector Commander.

The three “B-Block” duplexes (6 units total) are designated for senior officers and their families on accompanied tours. The Sector Logistics Department Head makes housing assignments for these units through the Housing Office. Normally, officers assigned to these quarters include: Deputy Sector Commander, Department Heads, Senior Medical Officer, and other senior officers (O-5). If a given set of quarters is not occupied by one of the officers identified above, the next senior officer(s) serving an accompanied tour will be offered the quarters with the understanding that they may be displaced and moved to another unit.


Personnel desiring an upgrade may place their names on a waiting list with the Housing Office. Due to the volume of inbound and outbound personnel during a typical transfer season, no upgrades will be made during the transfer season. Upgrades will be typically be assigned from the top of the waiting list. A member with a change in dependency (increase in number of dependents), however, will take priority over a member simply seeking a larger living space.

Release from Quarters

Sector San Juan's policy for release from quarters mirrors Commandant Policy: Housing IS mandatory.

Applying for Housing requires the following forms:

Fax the following forms to (787) 774-1314:

1. CG-5267, Application for Assignment to Military Housing (ensure you annotate any special needs on this form). Annotate in the general section of CG-5267 if you desire a waiver to reside in civilian housing.

2. BAH/Dependency Data Form.

3. PCS orders

Floor Plans
Pet Agreement
Home Business Request
Housing Complaint
Work Order Request
Customer Feedback Survey
Notice of Intent to Vacate Quarters
Preliminary Inspection Check-Off Sheet


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