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Security Levels


Command Center

Sector San Juan Command Center

24-Hour Operations Center 787-289-2041
Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement or Marine Casualty
Oil/HAZMAT Spill, Port Security or other Marine Emergency Report
The Sector San Juan Command Center functions as the Command and Control location for all activities in the San Juan Search and Rescue Sub-Region.  This means that all Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Maritime Security, and Marine Environmental Response activities are coordinated and executed from the Command Center. The men and women working in the Command Center are highly trained specialists with backgrounds in Communications and Operational Planning.  The watch consists of a Command Duty Officer, an Operations Unit Controller, a Maritime Safety & Security Response Duty Officer, an Intelligence Officer, and two Communications watch standers.


Contact Information:                      
Chief, Command Staff                        
Tel. (787) 729 - 5360                           
Fax. (787) 729 - 5364                          

Last Modified 10/28/2014