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Current Civilian Job Postings @ Sector SJ

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At United States Coast Guard, civilians are a vital part of the which serves and protects America's coastlines and waterways.  Civilians in the Coast Guard, work together with military personnel to save lives, enforce the law, operate ports and waterways, and protect the environment.  In this page you will find a lot of resources that will help you with your dynamic career.

Important information civilians must know:

Guide for submitting changes that affect payroll, time cards, health insurance, etc.

Kathleen LaPlant or Barbara Burke

TEL. (305) 415-7140

Payroll issues, change of beneficiary forms, Standard Forms requests, Death benefits, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (Hacienda) changes,

Cindy Stewart or Walter Misiorek

TEL. (202) 267-2064

Retirement packages, TSP withdrawals, Military dues, Life Insurance estimates, Request for Retirement Estimates.    




Last Modified 3/23/2010